Monday, May 19, 2008

Jumpin' For Skirty Joy!

Here's a skirt I made from a sheet I received as part of the Summer Skirt Sheet Swap. I actually made something wearable--AND I wore it! I've got a few more sheet pieces to play with & I'm super excited about how easy it is to sew--especially with the awesome help of THIS TUTORIAL. You rock Lisa!

This picture is actually a self-portrait. I had the camera set up on a picnic bench on TOP of a picnic table in my backyard & the self-timer set for 10 seconds. When I was ready to take a picture, I'd set up the camera, run to the backporch, count to 10 & JUMP! I cannot tell you how many times I jumped up to get JUST the right shot. What you don't see are the beads of sweat forming on my brow. HAHA! Oh, & Mr. WhiMSy love came outside as I was doing my jumpy photo shoot & he had the weirdest look on his face: amused yet confused. He should be used to this stuff by now. Seriously.


  1. Too cute! You are making me laugh!

  2. Hah, I know that look! I get that from my husband plenty, too :-)

    Love the skirt, and love how much fun you're having with it, too! I'm wondering if I have enough of that sheet left for a wild and funky tank top...

  3. oh Nikki your skirt looks awesome and I love the story and the shot.

  4. LOL!!
    Yur cute!
    love the skirt.
    Congrats for the wee ones coming!!
    Those onesies are precious.

  5. I get that look too, ususally accompanied by a shaking of the head. I love your skirt, it was made for jumping off things!!!

  6. Ha! Those men just don't get us! I could almost see the scene as if I was watching a movie!

  7. that is SUCH a cute pic nikki! AND you got some great exercisei n the process! that skirt has summer written all over it. make more and show us!

    u could make some for your girls too?

  8. LOVE the pic. :) Totally worth the effort.


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