Monday, May 5, 2008

One Lump...or Two?

Last Saturday I went to a mother/daughter tea with my mom & grandmother & 5 year old daughter. It was quite a lovely affair & I took so many photos because there were lots of details I wanted to show you.

Each of the tables at the tea affair were decorated differently. My mom & I volunteered to decorate our table. I was determined to not spend money. (Thankfully mom was there to spend HERS! HAHA! Not really.) And I'm going to prove to you that you if you pool your resources, sweet things can come about.

I came up with a theme of "Vintage Kitchen". And though I could've pushed the whole theme REALLY far, I was limited on time & did the best I could.

This antique teapot was a gift to my mother that my dad brought back from France.

I sewed up these napkins from some vintage material I had just 2 hours before decorating!

I had this super cute idea to tie old aprons to the backs of the chairs. The seating was those ugly metal folding chairs, so this dressed 'em up a wee bit. The only expense for our decorating was purchasing a small gerbera daisy plant --cheaper than buying a bouquet of fresh daisies! We snipped them apart & placed a single stem in the pocket of each apron.

The place settings were all vintage or antique pieces combined from my stash AND my mother's stash. The silverware is newer. I love the mismatched pieces. I snatch up plates & bowls in pink floral colors when I see them at garage sales or thrift stores to add to my collection. I hope to have a full place setting for 8 or so someday.

The lilacs were from my mom's yard & we placed them inside a vintage flour sifter.

My sweet girl wore a cute little dress my mom picked up in Mexico recently on a cruise. And the vintage gloves were from my nifty odds-n-ends collection & they're a bit too large, but she looked adorable in them & felt like a proper big girl at a special gala.

Even my vintage button bouquets made an appearance. A bouquet was placed in front of each place setting, next to the place cards.

The food was yummy! The salad was made with greens, cold pasta & shrimp. And there were many finger sandwiches. My favorite was a salmon sandwich: simply focaccia bread spread with salmon cream cheese!

The soup of the day was wild rice soup with meatballs. Tasty, tasty!

Now, time for tea!!!

My tea self portrait.

My 5 year old's favorite part of the tea social was....the cookies!!! She told me she didn't like the tea, it made her eyes watery. Poor thing.

Here's my sampling of the desserts! One of each....of course!!!

And the 4 generations HAD to document the sweet occasion!


  1. How gorgeous! I especially love that you got 4 generations in a picture. That's priceless!

  2. Very nice! Sweet family and great pictures.

  3. What a lovely group y'all are!
    Your table decorations are perfect and oh how I wish I had those lilacs in my yard!
    Love the NERD card below too - you should package and sell those you know if you aren't already! TOO CUTE.
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. what a fun afternoon! where was it held? loved the table decoration too.

  5. I HEART tea parties! Your decorations are too cute!

  6. looks like you all had a wonderful time...I love that yellow flowered teapot... found some tissue paper today that is much like it.


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