Friday, May 2, 2008

Super Duper Friday!

Ok, so sometime last weekend my bullseye vintage button ring was on the front page of Etsy, THEN my large fork easels were on again on Wednesday, AAAAAND, guess who's on again this morning? Not only was my NERD Scrabble ring on the front page, but ME! I was on the front page. This is definitely my week for wee Etsy front page fame. I think I'm gonna start posing in all my photos now. haha!

After seeing my NERD ring, a customer asked me to make THIS for her....

I'll be listing a new item in the shop this weekend: JUMBO pinwheels. They're done in the same style as the custom order I did a couple weeks ago for that wedding. I've painted out the dowels & added some fun ribbon & embellishments.

I must be going now though. I'm helping my mom decorate a table for a Mother's Tea this weekend. The "tea" will be the first "big girl" event my oldest daughter (who's 5) has gone to. I know she will feel so special as part of the 4 generations we will represent that day.

I love decorating for stuff like that. I've decided to go with a theme of "Vintage Kitchen" for the table & I'm determined to not spend a dime--except on some fresh flowers. I hope to put my little WhiMSy love spin on the decor. I'll take pics & show you how it turned out!

Happy Weekend my little WhiMSy love-ers!


  1. I saw you today!! on etsy! Yay!! you go girl!
    I hope you and your wee one have a wonderful time at the tea.
    have a great weekend.

  2. Tea with your mother and daughter, that is soo wonderful! I hope you ladies have a special time. :D

    and grats on the etsy fame!
    btw, I really like your songs on your playlist. I really love Ingrid, so reading your blog was pleasantly nice today. :P

  3. That's awesome! I just joined Etsy and have a few items for sale. It's really fun! I've sold 3 items in a week. Although, they were to friends. So I'm not famous or anything! I'm Stepherz on Etsy, and I just added you as a Fave!

  4. Fantastic! Will you still visit my blog even though you are a famous model?


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