Friday, May 30, 2008


I was tagged today by Julia B. at Marmalade Kiss AND by Sue at My Home WellingtonTown a while back so I guess before I leave for vacay, I'll leave you with random reading material...

1. What was I doing ten years ago?
Let's was 1998. I was 23 & living in Scottsdale, Arizona with my parents. (Long story, don't ask.) I had met Mr. WhiMSy love (who wasn't "Mr. WhiMSy love" yet) 2 months prior, so we were hanging out every single day (until we married 10 months later). It was a super fun time in my life--hanging with my favorite guy in the whole world, chillin' by the pool, enjoying relaxing days, tan & fit, living a really sweet life.

2. 5 things on my to do list for today...
2-Finish laundry!
3-Clean the house!
4-See my baby twin nieces in the hospital!
5-Make some skullie & cupcake tees for my niece & nephew that we'll see in Arizona.

3. Snacks I enjoy...
Ice cream, watermelon, italian sodas, lime & chile flavored almonds...just to name a few.

4. Things I would do if I was a billionaire...
I think I would do the usual things most people would do: Pay off all my family's bills/debts, buy new homes & cars for my fam, pay off all my debts, etc, donate to a charity, travel, save lots...& then I'd start my own brick & mortar WhiMSy love store, open a little deli (something Mr. WhiMSy love has always wanted to do), roller skate every day, start a sticker collection, & hire a maid, chef & personal trainer!

5. Places I've lived...
Anacortes & Richland WASHINGTON, St. Petersburg FLORIDA, Luling LOUISIANA, Fayetteville NORTH CAROLINA, Virgina Beach VIRGINIA, Scottsdale & Phoenix ARIZONA, Quebec CANADA.

6. Six jobs I've had...
1-A bagger at a grocery store (my first real job)
2-Then, I advanced to CHECKER!
3-Oh gosh, I worked at McDonald's AND Burger King.
4-Guest clerk at a hotel
5-I managed a little pottery painting studio--SUPER fun!
6-My last job was as a floral designer & then I became a full-time mommy.

7. Seven Random Facts About Me...
1-I have always thought it would be fun to be on a game-show. (My faves were 'Price is Right' or 'Wheel of Fortune'. But now I'm thinking 'Deal or No Deal'.)

2-My hubby & I are on the cover of a book. (No, not a Harlequin Romance...)

3-Have you ever been to a P.F. Chang's restaurant? Well, my cousin & I once tried to climb one of the horse statues that sit outside the restaurant late one night. We needed a ladder- they're too tall.

4-I love watermelon flavored candies & orange, purple, yellow & green jellybeans, Reese's Pieces & peanut butter cups.

5-One of my favorite songs of all time is by George Michael--One More Try. Mmm...I love it!

6-A dream of mine is to someday go to The World's Longest Yard Sale. It spans over 4 states, beginning in Kentucky & ending in Alabama, & includes 450 miles of scenic backroads FILLED with an on-going yard sale heaven!

7-"The Gremlins" movie messed me up as a kid. I have never been so scared in the dark as that time in my life.

Ta-ta my little WhiMSy love-ers! I'll miss you tons but see you soon!


  1. Always fun to learn more about ya! Gosh..ya know, I've always wanted to go to that yard sale too!! Seriously! How cool is that?! A yard sale that spans states!!
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful vacation!

  2. cool tag! i was freaked out by gremlins too! my hubby and i WERE on a game show!!! in 1986 lol. we won a BBQ!!! fun times. happy vacay!

  3. Love the picture on this post & it's always fun to hear about your wild & wacky life. I miss ya-when will you be back?

  4. You and Mr. WhiMSy on the cover of a book? Coolness! What book?? :)


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