Saturday, May 10, 2008


I am so excited to announce that I am now a member of the Eastern Washington Etsy Street Team!! This week the team became official & the president of this team is an Etsy chik, Hayley of beepbeephello, who lives in my same city. We've never met, but we plan for our paths to cross soon. Sweet! I'm so excited to soon be able to kick it crafty style with other Etsy people, glean from their crafty & Etsy knowledge, participate in shows (I never have before!) & ask all the bazillion questions I have as far as the bizness side of it all! I'm excited for all the awesomely fun things that are ahead for my team & for my Etsy shop! Yahoo for teamwork!
Just wanted to share. That's all.
**The "I {heart} ETSY" pendant is handmade by FreeSouthJersey.


  1. congrats on your ETSY membership! i see you've been bloggity busy! love all your posts - mothers' day shots etc.

    happy mothers' day to you too!

  2. hardy har har! i'm excited too.


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