Monday, June 23, 2008

Breakfast in a Bag!

Gather some eggs & all the appropriate omelet fixin's for a super fun, simple & practically mess-free breakfast!! This meal is a fantastic way to have some fun with your kids & it's a part of my "Summer Fun Ideas" series. This would even be great to make while camping! I learned to make these last weekend at my MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) retreat & I think we may even have all the mommies cook their own at one of our monthly meetings.

The first thing you want to do is find plastic freezer bags. They HAVE to be the freezer kind---'cause they're heavier duty. Have everyone write their name on their baggies with a permanent marker. Next, crack your eggs into the bags--however many your tummy desires.

THEN, you get to toss in any or all toppings you want! We had precooked bacon & sausage, red peppers, green peppers, tomatoes, cheese, green onions, mushrooms, olives & cheese.

Next is the fun part! Zip up your baggie & smoosh it all around! Massage that baggie full-o-breakfast until it's ooey-gooey & all mixed up.

Carefully drop your bag into a giant pot of boiling water. As you can see, more than one bag can cook at a time.
Keep watch on your bag-o-omelet to see if it is firm & not runny. We took our bags out (use tongs!) after 5 minutes or so & carefully smooshed it around again to get the runny eggs in the middle all mixed up. We put the bag back into the pot. Cooking time will vary depending on how many eggs & fixin's you chose. If it looks firm & not runny, it's done.
Open your bag & your omelet slides right onto your plate!

Sprinkle with salt & pepper & MORE cheese & then dig in!! Wasn't that fun & adventurous???


  1. Cool! You could make a whole weeks worth and put them in the fridge. Fun!

  2. I love that idea! So cute and would be so much fun for all the little kids. I will remember this when my niece gets a little older. :)

  3. Ohmygosh...what a FANTASTIC idea!! My little guy loves to crack eggs and he loves to cook with me..I must try this! Thank you for the post :)

  4. That is a great idea.. I will have to try this tomorrow if I have everything for omlets..I just love you blog..I'm going to post this..
    Thanks so much..I'm suppose to be going to bed but I can't stop reading and looking at all your nice crafts..
    Blessings SIster Brenda

  5. looks delicious! However, sometimes heating plastic can be a bad thing, heating it releases chemicals into food. (which is why "they" say not to use plastic in the microwave, heat on glass plates). However, everything in moderation, right? I'm sure that a once in a while thing won't shave any years off anyone's life!
    I found my way here via Frugal Molly of TOS magazine. I love this blog!


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