Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busy June

Green Grass Companion

I am DYING to sit down & get crafty. I've got ideas swirling around in my noggin for projects to create. But, I have no time to get them done. June has been such a busy month for me. In fact, I can't sit here long & chit-chat because I've got a pinata that's been drying in the backyard & needs another coat of newspaper strips dipped in a homemade glue of flour & water. (My 4-yr old's birthday party is on Saturday.)

When I do have a spare moment, it seems I'm running off to play in the park with my kids, being "pool mom" while my girls are in swim lessons or shopping for the perfect ingredients to make the best dessert in the universe. What else have I been up to?....Making s'mores (& eating them), playing with sidewalk chalk (I am a champion you know), making flower chains, reading tombstones on a stroll through a graveyard, crafting with friends, building sand castles, people watching in the park...just to name a few....

I suppose my days are still creative. And I am enjoying the random break from being in the constant mindset of "crafty money-maker".
I'll get back to the "money making" soon enough--with exciting projects to share & new stuff in the shop. I just love these lazy summer days & my tasks at hand--profitable in their own right.


  1. tell me about it! not only am i in no mood to set at the computer or blog or even read them for that matter. bloglines is at an astrinomical number. lol.
    right now i have so many ideas bouncing in my head that i cant think straight enough on one of them to get it out and move on.
    add to that the fact that EVERYONE in my family is home over the summer. and seems to be constantly in feed mode so its hard to spread out on the table.

  2. Can't wait to see your new creations!!

  3. It's busy here too. I just had a flamenco tea party with Olivia that I also had on my blog-trying to multi-task. Miss you!


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