Monday, June 9, 2008

Random Bits From My Vacay...

I'm almost done, I promise!! I have a bunch of random photos that I have to show at least once & then I can delete them from my camera.
I was SO excited to be able to go to one of my favorite stores of all time while on vacation in Scottsdale, Arizona--Anthropologie.

I don't even know if you're supposed to take pictures inside their store? I know some shops don't like that. No one said anything to me, so I guess I was ok. Maybe no one said anything because I was hiding behind racks of clothes as I snapped these pictures. Just LOOK at the pink goodness on that wall! These are some shower curtains & other froo-froo bathroom things.

I LOVE their displays & have been inspired by many of them in my own artwork. Look at the way they hung the veggie boxes on the wall. The corrugated cardboard lettuce was sitting high on an armoire, but it was amazing. Light green paint was haphazardly applied also--but the picture doesn't show it.

These are coasters made in Vietnam. Somehow strips of magazines were bent & twisted into something very cool & marvelous!
I love this fountain display of old bottles & bottlecaps. I didn't notice them when I was there--but I LOVE the vintage thermoses in the back!

I am uber touristy-looking when I travel. I have my camera out at every second just waiting for a cool pic. Look at the security guard in a mall we visited. Can you believe they drive around in those things? I've always thought it'd be cool to ride one.

Also at the mall was a carousel. The girls LOVED riding it.

A gelato shop in the mall had the most disgusting looking flavors. Well, at least a couple of them looked unappetizing. The baby poop flavor on the left & the vomit one on the right. The bloody corpse gelato in the back isn't looking too scrumptious either though.

And of course my days were filled with SWIMMING! Here's Ronaldo-The-Friendly-Swimmy-Dragon. I named him that.

Mr. WhiMSy love & I were very tired in this photo.
The end. Almost. I took SO many pictures of cactus that tomorrow I am posting a "Boring Cacti Scrapbook". I have to. I can't let those prickly photos go to waste.


  1. Yay! looks like you had a wonderful time..I'm soo jealous Anthropologie here... looks like a fab fun store.
    So glad you made it back safe.
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. great photos nikki! love the water ones.

    bring on the cactus ones too - i love cacti shots!

    thanks for sharing

  3. I love your gelato descriptions. I'm getting funny looks from my husband while I sit here giggling :-)

  4. I've been trying to comment and Blogger is finally letting me. I might not get lucky again so I thought I'd comment on a couple of posts here. First of all, the kitty party is sooooo soooo cute! I just did a pirate party for my 2 year old-- you should check it out on my blog. You are uber crafty, I can't compete-- but I was kind of proud of the pirate party.

    Also, I love the rainy day Bingo idea!

    Lastly, I love these vaycay pics, and I've always wondered how people get that interesting light in their photography that you've mastered in the carousel pics. It seems you've also used a bit of that style of light in your profile pic. Is it easy enough/would you be willing to explain what settings you use to get that interesting color? Or do you do that in Photoshop?

    Thanks & have a beautiful week!

  5. Hi Stepherz!
    I totally DON'T have photoshop. It's gotta be a purchase in my future though. I just have the software that came with both my Kodak camera & my HP Photosmart C-3180 All-in-one phto, scanner, copier. I use the HP program to tweak the color--I use the "contrast" button & then I saturate it with as much color--warm or cool-- as I choose.


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