Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival

On Saturday I was so excited to participate in the 9th annual Chalk Art Festival in my city. It was SO much fun! I talked my friend into chalking it up with me. Our kids were getting creative beside us & it was a super fun way to spend the afternoon...
It took us about an hour & 45 minutes to create our masterpiece. Do you even have to ASK what we drew? Yep, a cupcake!!
How did I get so messy & Tia stayed squeaky clean?
Here are the chalky ladies & their sweet results!! And guess what??? We won 'Honorable Mention'!!! We didn't even realize the event was being judged, so that was a nice bonus to top off our happy afternoon.

The most fun part was when people would walk by & "Ooooh" & "Aaaaah". One lady even said, "That is just FABULOUS!" That was my favorite comment of the day.
And THEN, to make things even MORE exciting, there was a random llama walking around. How cool is THAT? Her name is Sunshine & the kids fed her bagels.
This was one of my favorite chalk drawings as we walked around & admired the other artists work...

This one made me laugh & I loved it---it's Otter Pops!!

And when it was all done I looked down at my feet. I was covered in chalk & my toenails were not looking too sassy. It was all worth it. Tia & I are already planning next year's design & hope to move up in chalk art ranking.


  1. wow. wow. wow! that's all i can say! i love your cupcake, and the dog and the flowing hair. all those gorgeous vibrant chalk colours certainly make it fun! we have a similar thing here called 'chalk the walk' as part of our fringe festival. it was one of my early posts back in feb.
    ignore the one and only negative review!!!

  2. That is just too cool! I love your cupcake. Didn't your knees hurt after a while?

  3. I love the chalk drawings! It looked like so much fun and it reminded me of Mary Poppins jumping into the chalk drawing. This has always been one of my fave fairytale moments.

  4. I love that cupcake! Congrats on the win!

  5. Ohhhhhhh... I am so jealous... I want my town to do that... I love your cupcake... and the llama...adds a special something to the whole mix...

  6. Oh you gals did an amazing job!! What a fun festival to have!!
    Have a great week!

  7. oh that looks like so much fun, your cupcake looked so real good enought to eat.

  8. How cool... sidewalk chalk art! I loved your cute little cupcake. I'm in the process of getting money to open up a childrens resale shop and one of my ideas was to decorate the parking lot with chalk drawings. If everything works out (wish me luck) I think we'll draw a cupcake just like yours! :O)

  9. OH that sounds gloriously fun, just a great feeling kinda day.

  10. Hubby wants know where you purchased your sidewalk chalks? They are such vibrant colors.

  11. Here's a link for the chalk:
    It's PRANG Freart Colored Paper Chalk & it's AWESOME! It withstands wind & rain & won't wash off unless power-washed!

  12. Hi, your site makes for a great resource for the artists that participate at out sidewalk chalk art event. Chalk Walk kc in the Historic Northeast in Kansas City. With our Chalk Walk KC event we raise for Mosaic Brain and their after school arts programs or adjudicated and at-risk youth.

    Check out our event this April 25th & 26th, 2009 or our web site at


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