Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sprinkles Cupcakes!!

This was a real treat indeed! My sweet hubby took me & the girls to Sprinkles Cupcakes in Scottsdale, Arizona while on a family vacay. While driving around searching for it, we actually passed right by the shop! I can't believe it. My cupcake radar must have been broken.

And I'm warning you-- there are a TON of photos ahead. I could've taken more too, but I was so in awe of all the goodies inside that I didn't snap away like the sugar-crazed-cupcake-lovin'-lunatic that I am!

I read a review in a local magazine about Sprinkles Cupcakes & was expecting long lines & lots of waiting in the heat. But I was happy to find only a couple people inside. (A relief for my hubby I'm sure!)

Here's the menu. So many lovely choices. There were also cupcake mixes you could purchase & little tiny cupcakes for dogs.

The cupcakes looked so pretty all in a row. It was very neat & tidy. Not really a "cutesy" bakery, but very crisp & professional looking.

Here I am in a contemplative cupcake moment. I'm also looking at the 6 or 7 employees standing behind the counter ready to wait on the 3 customers in the shop. It was kind of funny. I'm guessing I was present at the calm before the cupcake storm. Sweet timing.

Here are the red velvet cupcakes....

...the dark chocolate cupcakes...
...on the top are strawberry & I think the bottom is vanilla.
We made our choices & were on our way to find someplace to devour our sweet treats!

The presentation was special indeed!

The wooden forks & knives were pretty much a necessity in helping to shovel the cupcakes into my mouth.

The sacred seal was broken...

...& I think I heard angels singing as our cupcakes were revealed! Our choices were: Cinnamon Sugar (mine), Peanut Butter Chocolate (#2 Wee One), Ginger Lemon (saved for my mother-in-law back at home), Dark Chocolate (#1 Wee One) & Vanilla Milk Chocolate (Mr. WhiMSy love).

Our #1 Wee One is eating my favorite--dark chocolate. The whole thing pretty much just melted in your mouth. I have never tasted frosting so delicious. I was also able to taste a piece of the ginger lemon & it was also my favorite.

Number 2 wee one accidentally ate daddy's cupcake because it looked just like hers. But she didn't care.

And here is dorky me with a serious cupcake glaze forming over my eyes. My cinnamon sugar cupcake was superb. It was moist & reminded me of coffee cake.

The little dots on top of most of their cupcakes are a clever way of telling each cupcake flavor from the rest. Using the handy dandy cupcake decoder helps. I did try to eat that thing on top, but I'm not sure if I was supposed to. It kinda tasted like plastic & it was very hard & crunchy, so I spit it out. No, I didn't eat the paper cupcake liner.

The girls gathered their leftover cupcake crumbs...

& fed the birds.

They couldn't believe their feathered friends were eating the sweet snack. The girls squealed with giddy glee, "Birds like cupcakes too!!!!"


  1. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!! i hope sprinkles are in NY!!!

  2. I wish Sprinkles were here in Canada!! Can you hyperventilate when you get cupcake excited?

  3. Okay, so now Liv & I have to visit Sprinkles! I'm ashamed that I haven't gone yet when it's so close to me! I mean, what am I thinking? Am I a cupcake girl or not? Great pictures!


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