Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crafting By Candlelight

I have not been blogging as much as I like, lately. It's these crazy summer days I tell ya! No time for much except trying to keep the kidlets occupied & busy. I decided to have some "me" time yesterday. The only time I can squeeze a little of myself into my summer days seems to be at night. So, I decided I would craft by candlelight. I was actually painting & not crafting.
It was so peaceful & relaxing & I kept getting more & more ideas for paintings. It was great! Sometimes I sit & try to get inspired, but it's hard to think of something clever that way. I am convinced if you just sit & create that you will get inspired & your brain will start jumping from one creative thought to another & then you'll be so full of ideas that you might not be able to keep up with yourself. That's what happened to me anyway.
Oh, I've also got a bum knee, so it was a nice chance to put my feet up. Yeah, I thought I'd get all sporty & take up jogging. I am never going to jog again.

Do you want to see what I painted? They are silly & I love them! They are only quick little paintings, not done with fine detail or masterpiece-like precision. But, I'll get that part done later. They are out of my head & on paper & that's all that matters.

I combined my recent love of owls with my ongoing passion for cupcakes....

This will be part of my muffin/cupcake series. The first one is the "Jealous Muffin".

Cupcakes fart sprinkles--didn't you know?

And then, came this....

And this last one is inspired by my recent summer vacay to Arizona...

Consider 'crafting by candlelight' as one of my "Summer Fun Ideas". Why not? Give it a try. Add some mellow funky tunes & an awesomely delicious drink for added flair. Rock on with yer crafty self!


  1. Oohh, I love candlelight! This idea is so awesome. Your paintings were adorable, I love the cupcakes! So cute. :)

  2. Cupcake farts!.... you are too funny. I know what you mena about summer. I just went 2 days and realized I hadnt read a single blog. While on one hand..refreshing on the other... that number that bloglines has waiting for me reaches over 500 so thats gets scary thinking about weeding through it all.

  3. they are so CUTE!!! i'm so glad you got some me time!

  4. Crafting by candle light... what an excellent idea... I will have to try it out... I love the painting save a a muffin... So cute:)


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