Thursday, July 17, 2008


I love random blog posts. And this one is about as random as it gets. First of all, look what I got today......crutches! After having a very hurty knee for a week & a half I decided to go see the doc & she says my knee is sprained. Poo. I was kinda excited to get crutches. I've never had them before. But, I am finding out they're not that fun. They're awkward & uncomfortable & I don't like 'em. I'm only renting them so too bad I can't funk 'em up with paint or something.
BUT, look what my sweet friend Tia just brought over for me! A giant cupcake cookie jar--filled with homemade cookies!! I have the best friends!
I also wanted to share with you a neato trade I made with miss indie. It's a really cute Pink Crochet Cup Cozy. And though you can't tell, that mug is full of my favorite English Toffee drink. Mmm....

Not only do I have owies, but my wee one is about to have surgery on Monday to remove her tonsils & adnoids. My little 4 year old has had 3 surgeries in one year. (Her 2 front teeth, her appendix & now this.) What a tough chik! So, I've been busy limping around trying to find fun little things for her to do while she spends 2 weeks recovering. You know, a "sick box" filled with goodies & activities & interesting items to keep her occupied & not bored.

Look what's new at WhiMSy love..... DORK & a NERD mini tag banners. Come on--proclaim your nerdiness or declare your dorkiness with a silly & fun little banner! (They can be made in any color combo too.)

I'm super stoked because this Saturday I get to hang with my bro, sis, nephew (who just flew up today from New Orleans for a visit!!!), & pops on a road trip to Seattle for some car races. My bro (who owns an auto mechanic shop) LOVES Nascar & all that stuff. I'm planning on having a blast despite having to hobble around. I have a wonderfully wacky family & I can't wait to have a silly time!

Last night was the season premiere of my all-time favoritest show in the universe: Project Runway! It was the best end to a hectic day of doctor appointments & an aching knee.

So there. That's the end of today's randomness. I'm off to make some more shrinky dinks. I'm printing my artwork on the shrinky dink sheets & making magnets!! They're super cute. I'll show ya later.
Happy Thursday!


  1. First, I love your blog! Second, you could wrap the top of your crutches with funky fabric...more comfortable at the least!

  2. ditto to columbia's post... love love love your blog... i am so excited about your mops craft ideas... i love crafty people (in both senses of the word!) thanks for passing your creativity along... makes me want to paint by candlelight and create again to... thanks for forging the way for us.... :)

  3. love the cup warmers! take care of YOU!

  4. back reading this post and it's labels - i think I know where half your google traffic got direct. Here's to random posts being good for blog traffic!!


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