Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Celebration Fit for a Cheesecake Cupcake

This past week was my little bro's birthday. The fam had another wonderful fun day at the river. I packed the essentials: beachie floatie toys.

With knee brace on, I sat back & enjoyed the sights & sounds of a summer fun day.

I made my brother his favorite dessert--cheesecake!! I made two cheesecakes, but realized I only had one pan to make them in. So, I improvised. I made cheesecake cupcakes!! I had no idea if it would work or not, but I was PLEASANTLY & SCRUMPTIOUSLY surprised when it did!!! I'm unashamed to say that my most favorite cheesecake is from a box--JELLO brand. MMmm. Delish. The graham cracker crust mix in the box only filled up 7 of the cupcake tins. I just pressed the crumbs (mixed with the butter & sugar, of course) around the bottom & up the sides (a little over halfway up the sides). I then filled the cups with the cheesecake filling & then I froze them for about an hour & a half. The leftover cheesecake filling was added to the other cheesecake in the pie pan, to make for a huge-mongous piled-high treat.

Once the cheesecake cupcakes were pretty firm, I cut around the edges--one at a time & then turned the cupcake tin upside down to "catch" the falling cupcake carefully in my hand. The cupcakes were stuck inside my non-stick cupcake tins, so cutting them out one at a time was important. I was surprised at how well they stayed together!I topped them with cherries at the scene of the birthday & they got eaten up lickety-split. The kidlets in the party group enjoyed theirs topped with spinning pinwheels.

Who knew that less than 12 hours later I'd be in the hospital with the wee one? She is doing well now. Pale yet spunky. Thanks to everyone for your prayers & kind words. It meant more to me than you'll ever know that my invisible friends in blogland were so supportive.

Pazely's face lit up when she received a peanut butter & jelly sandwich at the hospital--her first "solid" food & her favorite thing in the whole world--after having a week & a half of a liquid/soft food diet.

And although I'm not getting a whole lot of sleep--I am enjoying watching the late, late, late crafty shows that I never get to watch since I'm usually sleeping when they're on. So, while I'm worried-ly "sleeping" on the couch & watching over the wee one (alert & responsive at every sound she makes), I'm getting a crafty education as well.

Hope you had a nice weekend!


  1. that hospital bed looks snug!!! those cheesecake cupcakes with the cherry topping look AMAZING nikki!

  2. I'm so glad she is doing better! What a cutie she is...

  3. I am happy she is on the mend.
    Poor baby!

  4. i'm so glad your sweet little one is doing better... i come here to check up on your cleverness ever couple of weeks and am reminded of how much life can change over the course of a few weeks... glad she is well and macking pb&j... its my jordyn's favorite too. :)
    much love from an invisible blog friend


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