Monday, August 25, 2008

Hankies & Aprons & Ties...Oh My!!!

I meant to show ya SOME of the goodies I got while thriftin with my granny on my recent train trip. The first thing I found was this amazingly cute & 70's little suitcase. I actually packed all my sweet finds into this bag on the trip home.

I also purchased 2 ties & then granny gave me a bunch of grampy's old ties. I'm not even sure he knows there gone. It's granny's fault. I blame her.

This sweet sheet will look adorable on my wee ones bed--as I love mixing all styles of vintage floral sheets.

Not thrifted, but equally as exciting, were all these hankies granny gave me. I took pics of my favorite patterns. I should've ironed them. Wrinkly shcminkly.

This was one of the coolest finds I got. It's an unopened package of puzzle invitations from 1969. You write the information about your party on the puzzle, separate the pieces, toss the bits in the envelope & mail it! This will be in the shop later this week.

A couple gingham aprons were also plundered & they'll be dolled up with my usual vintage fabric cupcakes & tossed lovingly in the shop pretty soon. I also found a couple lengths of vintage fabric. I'll be using them to....

...make these adorable 1" pinback buttons! I have loads already made & samples for trade ready to send to some of my Eastern Washington Etsy Street Team members. They'll also be the freebies (with every order) at WhiMSy love for the month of September. I'll be packaging & selling sets of 4 as well!

I also stocked up on vintage forks for my fork easels as Christmas is approaching. Oh, speaking of Christmas, I've NEVER done a show in my life, but I recently applied to do a really popular show around here called The Badger Bazaar. It's at an elementary school & I was told by a fellow Etsian that she does very well there every year. I should hear after August 30 if I'm accepted or not. I'm keeping my crafty fingers crossed. (And I'm also panicking at the thought of "What if I DO get accepted?" I have nothing extra made besides what's in the shop. I'm gonna be craftin' til the cows come home. What does that mean anyway?)


  1. You've got some wonderful treasures!

  2. Cool loot! Poor grandpa! LOL..
    I'm gonna have to keep an eye on that puzzle invite..that's my year!lol ;)
    ..well..'round here in WI..when they say 'when the cows come home'..uh..that means it's a reallly looong time.
    You are soo wonderfully crafty and shouldn't take you no time to whip up wonderful creations for the show! Hope you get accepted by the way! You deserve it.
    So glad you had a wonderful trip and you and the girls made it back safely!!
    p.s...P is such a trooper in my book!
    XO to you guys.

  3. i think it means the cows only come back when they're directed to, so if they were to come back on their own, it would be FOREVER away!!!

    great thrifts!

    let us know if you get the good news on august 30!

  4. WOW what great goodies looks like your home is going to be even more vintage whimsyness.
    Love the buttons

  5. Glad to see you are home from your trip-it looked like a wonderful adventure! My mom has a bunch of my grandmother's hankies and she won't give them up. I'm going to have to steal them or something...

  6. what an awesome hord you picked up there! love those little pins! hmmmmm maybe we could work out a trade too. ;)

  7. Oooo... great finds. I love the hankies! I have some that were my grandmother's and I can't use them for any projects because I love them. But I did find some at a yardsale the other day that I'm dying to use on an apron or something.


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