Friday, August 29, 2008

I Gotta Wear Shades...

I know..... We look hot. There's nothing like random silliness with your friends!
Speaking of "random"....this post is.

This is some bread I just baked for my silly friend. It's "Amish Friendship Bread". I received the starter from my Aunt Cleo on the train trip the girls & I took a week & a half ago.

OK, more randomness. My girls are starting school next week. The youngest will be in a preschool & my oldest is starting Kindergarten. Tuesday is the big day! What am I going to do with myself? Last year I totally had a back-to-school party where I put my feet up on the couch, watched soap operas, sipped tea & chilled out. It was awesome. I may have to relive that moment again. But there may be some tears added to the mix. (sniffle, sniffle....KINDERGARTEN?.....WAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!)

Look what my mom, sis & I got last week while shopping & lunching. These are handmade beaded rings. Mine is the brown one. They are really cool with a stretchy beaded band. Less than 4 bucks too!

Do you want a sneak peek into my weekend plans?.....

I'll be cleaning all weekend. Let me explain. I got my very own crafty computer a few weeks ago & so I had to rearrange my art studio to fit it AND a desk in here. I just kinda dumped stuff here & there to make room. Now I can't find ANYTHING (duh) & I'm tripping over stuff & it's just not fun & pretty anymore. I plan on coming up for air on occasion & working on my oldest daughter's upcoming birthday party. Oooh! It's gonna be so cute! I can't wait to show you all the details!

Have a super duper weekend!


  1. I've never known anyone wear shades like you do!
    And *gasp* at the mess! I thought mine was bad!!!

  2. I LOVE Amish Friendship Bread!!!!! It's so good! My craft area has looked like that a few times, but there is something kind of cathartic for me about cleaning it up. Good luck!!

  3. i can't wait to see the 'after shot'! fun fun, and another birthday - it's def birthday season isn't it?

  4. yup, that room need cleaning up! ;-)

    love the shade-photo, so fun!


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