Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mission: Clutterific

I'm on a mission. I see this mess in my basement everyday. It's full of 1/2-done projects packed away in boxes, weird odds-n-ends, & random crafty stuff. I've even got a pile (or four) in my art studio. And it doesn't have to be that way. I'm tired of digging through the clutter trying to find some little item that never gets found anyway.
I've decided I need to do the whole "trash to treasure" thing. And I started with this....

This is a vintage toddler dress I bought last year at my favorite "Antiques in the Park" event. Yesterday I finally dug it out of my "create something fabulous from this" pile, sewed up the bottom & hung it from a vintage hanger. It's full of wooden peg clothespins---ready to help you hang dry your linens & undies from the clothesline! It's an adorable laundry accessory & it can TOTALLY be yours--just click HERE!

So, anyway, that is the beginning of my mission. I hate living in clutter. It's not as bad as it could be- I'm not a closet packrat. But I'm on my way. It's no fun having an unorganized mess which could actually be turned into something terrific! Thus my mission: This CLUTTER will be made into something TERRIFIC........ CLUTTERIFIC!

I'll share my creations along the way & hopefully inspire you to get to crackin' on that heap-0-mess in YOUR creative space!


  1. what gave me the giggles was the black organizing bins on the floor in front of the whole "storage" system in the first picture. hee hee that is totally me. love the pin holder dress. how cute!

  2. I'm in the exact same place. Trying very hard to use what I have stacked up before I bring anything else in!


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