Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Stuff!

I'm excited to show off some new stuff at 'WhiMSy love'! I've made these onesies for my friends & family for a while now & so I thought I'd pop a few in the shop & see how they do. This Cutie Cupcake Onesie set is perfect for twins or baby best friends forever! I made some for my new twin nieces & it got the BIGGEST reaction at the baby shower. Cool gift!---SCORE!!

I've got cupcakes & skullies in the shop now. Check out the new section called Wee WhiMSy love! I've got owlies coming soon!

I've also added a listing for a VINTAGE BUTTON RING OF THE MONTH CLUB. It's for a 6 month subscription & I think it's just a neato idea. You get a new ring around the first of the month all dolled up in a sweet paper box & ready for gifting or hoarding. I can also create 3, 9, or 12 month subsriptions too!


  1. Super cute onesies waiting for one cool kid to rock them. Great idea on the subscriptions.

  2. Now.. that is the coolest idea!! Oh yeah...I know a Dutchess that will be needin' a few of those onesies!!
    When ever I visit..you are always a breath of fresh air!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. I know bella--I've thought of that! (wink wink!) I can't wait to find out if it's a wee girl or a wee boy!

  4. These are so stinkin cute! I've just found you and I'm gonna love this site!


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