Friday, August 22, 2008

Return of the Train Chik

Hello my blog fans!! I'm back! The train trip was a success. The girls were hardy little travelers. They looked so cute with their backpacks & rolling rainbow luggage! Although, this photo is one of the few that shows them in FULL gear. Half the time they pooped out & the mommy had to haul THEIR stuff. Not fun.

Our layover going & coming was in Portland. The train station is really nice!

On one portion of the trip we were seated in business class, which made me nervous because it was VERY quiet. And the girls were, um, well...NOT quiet. We were seated by a nice lady & her daughter (who put my wee ones to shame). The little girl would cuddle with her mom in the seat & read stories--while her mother paused to ask questions about the story along the way, then, they played checkers together while sharing a deli sandwich, & lastly--the little girl was KNITTING!!! All the while my girls were crawling around on the floor, barking like dogs, picking their boogers & scraping frosting from cookies with their teeth.
It was nice to have a few days away & visit family. It was relaxing & mellow.

My grandparents took the girls & I to a place called Cabela's. I had never heard of it, but apparently it is this huge outfitter that sells hunting, fishing & outdoor gear. Well, inside this store there is a gi-normous display of taxidermy animals of all kinds & an aquarium also. The girls loved looking at the animals. But it was weird at the same time.

Here's a sea lion. This thing was so huge!
And one of my MOST FAVORITE of all time events on my trip was getting to meet my Etsy BFF Beck (a.k.a. Little Daisy Chains). She brought us gifties of Little Daisy Chains jewelry & Pez candy! Sweet-o-rific!! I was so excited to meet her, yet nervous. We were practically the last ones to get from the train to the station because I had a wee one in my posession who had a little difficulty with the long walk, not to mention her pants kept falling down. When I saw Beck I squealed inside & ran & gave her a hug. It was so weird & wonderful & awkward & awesome all at the same time!! I wasn't sure I'd recognize her, even though I've seen pictures of her before--but I knew right away who it was when I saw her. She was the one looking at me with a giant grin on her face, hand waving wildly in excitement. You have to read her blog post to see her viewpoint. It made me smile & giggle.

I enjoyed my time away, but it's always nice to come home isn't it?? It was my last "Hurrah!" with the girls before school starts.
On the way back we got a little sleeper room for fun (& sanity)! The girls had a blast!
My granny took me thrifting while I was visiting & I scored some really neato stuff! I'll share tomorrow. But for now, I've got lots of craftin' to do for upcoming projects. Time to get busy!


  1. I read your Bff's side this morning. Very cool to meet a fellow etsian out there!!!

    Your trip looks very exciting and don't worry my kids pick there noses and bark too. If I was on the train your kids and mine would make a zoo of the train. lol

    All of your pictures make me want to take a train trip. I am sure you get to see all sorts of natural beauty on the way!

    welcome home:)

  2. I'm glad you're back! I missed your posts! Glad you had a good time on this side of the mountains...

  3. oh i just LOVE train travel! what a fun trip. welcome back nik!

  4. Haha, your girls and my boys would get along really well on a train, I think. In my dreams, they are sitting quietly playing checkers & knitting, but in reality, it's definitely crawling on the floor and barking like dogs :-D

  5. That photo of your girls it so sweet :)) I am enjoying your music on your blog.


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