Monday, September 29, 2008

Bowling, Sweet Stuff & Texas!

I haven't been bowling in FOREVERS! A couple nights ago my family went. And I sucked. I used to be pretty good. It was fun anyway! We all came up with nicknames...mine was "Cupcake"! The bowling pics were taken by my friend Tia.

Yesterday the Caramel Apple Fairy knocked on my door & brought me this sweet treat. Five minutes after this picture was taken, the girls & I devoured our goodie to bits. Caramel & white chocolate. Who could resist?

I guess I'm really writing to say 'goodbye'! Tomorrow my blog will be co-hosting Kara's Virtual Baby Shower & the next day I'll be on my way to Texas. Early in the morning my best friend Tia(a.k.a. Caramel Apple Fairy) is picking me up. Four of us will be traveling all day long to Dallas & we don't get in until 6pm. Ugh. But I've already got my carry-on bag packed with lots of fun stuff to do!

Hey, why are things 'bigger in Texas' anyways? I think I'm going to make it my mission to find out. I'll let you know what I discover.
It seems when kids & hubbies are not present that massive giggling & silliness ensue. And I'll have 4 days of it! Bring it on.

I'm looking forward to the MOPS convention (Mothers Of PreSchoolers). I really have no idea what to expect. I'm just going by what I've heard & read. I'll be hangin' out with thousands of other moms from all over the US, listening to great speakers, awesome worship, & going to workshops & sessions about parenting, being a mom, etc & I'm even signed up for a session (which I'm most excited about!) for the Creative Activity leaders. I'll get to meet with other crafty MOPS peeps!

There's also an opportunity for me to display some samples of my handmade items--along with hundreds of others-- to help other MOPS groups get ideas. I've gathered together some small things that will fit in my suitcase. AND, I'm planning on taking LOTSA photos of other crafty ideas I see too! Hopefully I'll have some cool project ideas to bring back to my group-- & share with you too!
Here's some dorky fun little biz-type cards I made up to place next to my samples in case anyone has questions about them, etc.

Oh! And I hope to meet up with some other MOPS chiks/bloggers who frequent my blog & will be there too! Won't that be neato?! How will we see each other amidst the large crowd? I was thinking of giving a signal. Or wearing something random. But we never worked out the kinks, so hopefully we'll bump into each other somehow...

Anyway, I'll leave all my little WhiMSy lovers with a treat while I'm gone, so you don't miss me too much: I've got a tutorial scheduled to post while I'm gone. Wheeeeee!

Please come for a visit to Kara's Baby Shower tomorrow. There will be prizes, & links to other blogs with giveaways as well!

Have a super duper day!
Peace & Cupcakes,


  1. I think bowling is even more fun when it's done badly!

  2. hurray for the MOPS convention! I am so excited for it! I will look for you... our secret signal can be doing cartwheels in public places... that would be discreet.
    anyhow, i will have to check out your stuff in person... addicted to whimsylove...
    safe travels!
    lindsay reskey

  3. HAHA! Yes, cartwheels works! Or, I was thinking of impersonating a monkey. Either way...

  4. Monkey works for me!! Not sure if I can do a cartwheel anymore;o) I also think it is rather funny to have other people thinking, "what is that girl smokin?" Cannot wait to see your awesome "crafties"...Maybe I will leave you a secret note at your craft! See you at the baby shower tomorrow (won't be around until the afternoon). YAH DALLAS...HERE WE COME!

    Kara (the other one)

  5. have an awesome time!!! can't wait to hear all about it when i get back!

  6. oh I love bowling I went a couple of months ago and loved it.
    Love the bag of goodies looks fun.
    Have a fab time
    see you on the shower front when you awake

  7. looking at your carryon goodiers, I though your daughter was going with you- it cracked me up when I realized she wasn't. That convention soinds fun and inspiring- can't wait to see what you "bring back" to share.

  8. Can't wait to see your stuff at Convention! Love your blog!

    ~ Christine
    Kinsman MOPS


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