Thursday, September 4, 2008

Celery Painting Tutorial

A couple years ago I got this idea for painting with celery. I was cutting up some celery & was about to throw the uneatable bits away when I stopped & said, "Oh my goodness! This looks like a rose!" And so I painted a tablecloth the next day!

This morning I went to the fabric store & picked up some natural muslin at 99cents a yard. I got one yard. After it was washed & dried, it was ironed. Muslin gets quite wrinkly--but I like that, so that's why I chose this fabric.

Next I sewed up the edges to finish it off.
Ok, here I am really sewing it. The "tablecloth" ended up being about 3' x 3'. So, it's a tiny tablecloth. You could use any piece of fabric to paint on: a t-shirt, hankies, bed sheets, etc. You'll see some other ideas at the end of this tutorial too!

I used a bright pink thread for a fun little contrast.
The only ingredients you need for this project are celery, acrylic paint & a foam brush thingie. I guess I should mention that I use celery hearts. I have never tried this project using regular large packs of celery.

Cut the base of the celery off.

Here's a little hint. The closer to the base you cut, the tighter your "rose" will be. The higher up to the top you cut, the more open your rose will be. I cut two examples to show you. After testing them out on a piece of paper towel, I decided I liked the open rose better.

You'll also want to use the little celery bits in the center of the stalk. You'll be using these for the leaves of the rose.
If your celery rose "stamp" is damp at all, just dab it with a paper towel to remove the excess moisture.

Before I painted, I laid down some garbage bags underneath the fabric. The paint will bleed through, so you want to protect the surface you're painting on. (Although my dining table has always been covered in paint splotches, so I don't know why I bother being careful anymore!)
Use your foam brush thingie to dab paint onto the celery. I used a light pink color.

Then, firmly push the celery onto your fabric. Lift the celery straight up off the fabric to prevent smears.

When you've stamped enough roses all over your fabric, you're ready for the leaves. Dip the leaves into some paint.
Using your fingers, push the leaves into the fabric right next to one of your roses.
After stamping my pink roses, I realized they looked too light against my cream colored fabric. So, I grabbed some red paint & repeated the process--right over the top of my pink roses. I like the effect!
Here's an example of what the two different roses look like---one open & the other tightly closed.

Next I filled some of the empty space with polka dots using what else? Celery!

Using your foam brush thingie, dab some paint onto the end of a regular piece of celery that has been cut straight across. If you use the bigger end, you'll get bigger polka dots or "circles". I used the small end. It'll look like the letter "C".

Next, dab on some more paint & connect the ends to form a circle or polka-dot! Cute huh?

Here's my mess!

While the girls DID enjoy a bit of veggie art with me, Zoey grabbed some paper & started making celery portraits.
Isn't this adorable?
And my youngest decided to feed her new pet ladybug. She created some waterfront property--complete with an edible celery raft!
Hang your fabric up to dry. Do you like my coordinating pink clothespins?
The paint dries quickly so in an instant I had a cute table setting to show off!

I also thought the tablecloth would be equally as cute dyed with tea or coffee. That's for another day though...

You can also use your stamps to create notecards, gift tags....Ooooh! Wouldn't wrapping paper be cute???
So, while the girls & I sat back & admired our work, we munched on....what else?---CELERY!!

For some more veggie painting tutorial fun, visit my favorite crafty blog--scrumdilly-do! You'll have fun with cauliflower!


  1. Thats so cute! I love the colors and am on my way to the fabric store tomorrow (i'm making a futon cover). These would make great gifts! Thanks for another great tutorial. Kara

  2. that's so cute, and incredibly creative!!

  3. Very creative idea! I love it. :)

  4. Great idea thank you for the step by step :)

  5. Oh my. That is really effective. So clever, I'm going to do this!

  6. so funny and happy! very Cath Kidson as well...(I probably spelled that incorrectly.)

    thanks for the link!


  7. PRECIOUS! I love the idea.

  8. how smart are you? those make the cutest little roses. who'd of thunk it?

  9. that is so cool. your very own home-made vintage!

  10. That's ingenious!! In France, celery is known as an aphrodisiac! romance and roses!x

  11. Never in 100 years would I have thought to do that. You are a genius! So whimsical and happy.

  12. This is so great. What a fantastic idea. I will defiantly have to try this. Maybe it will get my kids to eat the celery too.... maybe.

  13. SO CUTE! I'm totally going to have to try this with my daughters!

  14. Oh my heck, this is awesome. I so can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. Lovely roses =) Great idea, esp. for kids. Very interesting =)

  16. Oh my gosh, I just found this in my bookmarks. Look how young she is... and I guess it's time to change my blog picuture :)

    (Can I pin you?)


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