Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Second Day of Fall!

I got to enjoy a hot drink by the river yesterday as part of my First-Day-of-Fall celebration. My girls ended up with their pants rolled above their knees, throwing rocks & wading in the water. Yeah, not exactly Fall weather. Summer's hangin' on...
We also had an impromptu picnic.
The seagulls are usually the pesky ones at the river, but yesterday we had an extremely friendly squirrel. My poor daughter freaked out because I couldn't "shoo" the darn thing away, so I started screaming. It wouldn't leave!! And it kept doing this sideways shimmy walk around the perimeter of our blanket. Totally random picnic company. I know, it's only a squirrel. But I couldn't get the image out of my head of that squirrel flying through the air, spread eagle, like some ninja warrior, landing right on my face with his chittering squirrel teeth. It did enjoy our pumpkin cream cheese muffins though. After we ate our muffins, some crumblets fell onto the blanket. Perfect sized snack for our miniature intruder I guess. I also just got finished watching some "Attack Squirrel" videos on You Tube. And my "ninja squirrel" nightmare is not a completely ridiculous thought.

I recently received a catalogue from Cath Kidston & was swooning over the beautiful fabrics, prints & patterns! What a lovely new discovery. I was in the mood to create some new vintage button rings & decided to let the colors on the pages inspire me. And the outcome was quite sweet! I've never done that before & it was quite fun.

My favorite ring is this large red button with the pink bow button on top. It's a keeper.


  1. Sounds like a great day to me! :)

    I like your favorite ring and the colors are beautiful.

  2. Haa haa I just thought ooh I like the red one with the bow and read your comment. Brain Jinx! ;O)

  3. those rings are fun! I like the white one with the blue flower!

    Im having a giveaway at my blog so If you want to stop by and take a look please do!



  4. Your blog is appropriately titled, it is so Whimsy! I LOVE it!

    Love the red ring with the bow too! That is definitely a keeper.
    The river looked like fun too.


  5. I can't believe how close that squirrel came I would have totally freaked.
    Looks like you had a great afternoon though.
    Don't you love the Cath Kidston collection I got my mag last month and look at it at least once a week I am going to order the booties cowboy set its too cute.
    Ok I love that red bow ring too its defo a keeper.

  6. I was tagged so I decided to tag you so I could learn more about you!
    To get more details check my blog!



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