Monday, September 22, 2008


Happy First Day Of Fall! Yay! Fall is finally here! For those of you that know me, or at least virtually know me, you might remember that Fall is my most favorite season of all! And I created this little owl graphic as a Fall present to you. Feel free to copy & paste it to your autumnal heart's delight! (**Please only use it for personal use.**)

If you're passing through for a leisurely autumn stroll by way of the virtual party at Lisa's blog, a great big HAPPY FALL hello to you!!! (***pauses to throw leaves in the air, simulating confetti**)

Actually there are no leaves to throw around here. Though the crispness in the air is just beginning, the leaves refuse to come down--or change color for that matter. To simulate the Fall atmosphere, I may just have to climb right up there & yank some off.

I think my picture of Fall might be the same as others, but I'll share anyway....Crisp. Leaves. Warm baked goods. S'mores. Campfires. Sweatshirts. Cozy sweaters. Snuggling. Blankets. Hot cocoa. Apple cider. Pumpkin Patch. Hay rides. Orange. Red. Mustard. Golden. Plum. Hazelnut latte. Sleeping with socks on. Winter's coming...

This morning I baked some yummy pumpkin treats--as has become my tradition on the first day of Fall. You can find the recipe for these Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins HERE.

Later today the girls & I have planned a nice walk by the river. We're bringing a cozy blanket & will be sipping on cider & hot cocoa. And while the playground, no doubt, will call their name, I--in hooded sweatshirt--will be enjoying my date with Mr. Autumn.

Well, the wee one & I are off to deliver some goodies to friends & family! Happy Fall everyone!


  1. Big fat happy fall day to you!!! ;O) Those treats look super nummy, drool type nummy!

  2. ooh, those muffins look incredible! Sounds like a fantastic way to spend the first day of fall.

  3. Wow, those are some awesome looking Celebrate Fall cakes :D

    Enjoy the date with Mr. Autumn!

  4. Happy Autumn! Those muffins look so scrumptious!

  5. Oh my.. those muffins sound yummy! I might have to try some this weekend!
    Thank you for sharing your owl..I saved it as "Whimsy's owl"..
    Hope you and your crew have a wonderful week!

  6. Hi! Happy First day of Fall to you too! My favorite time of year! Thanks for visiting my blog. I meant to tell you that I have seen that picture of you on your profile a magazine maybe? I love your fall posting. I hope you don't mind I stole some ideas from your blog-playlist...sorry I'm new so I have to get ideas from other people. We like the same kind of music. Again, thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment. You seem like a really cool mom!

  7. pumpkin cream cheese muffins... ummm, YUM!!!
    happy first day of fall to you :)


  8. Those muffins look yummy! We have no changing leaves here yet either, but soon I hope. Happy Fall to you!

  9. Happy Fall right back at ya!

    I see you are an "all-recipes" chica, too!

    I love it!

    I might try to whip those muffins up for my mom and step-dad who will be in town at my house for the weekend.

    PS- Your fall description is awesome!

  10. oooo I love the new colors and banner for the blog Nikki! Looks awesome! I also love those pumpkin cream cheese muffins! Man, you always great stuff! Can I come over?! lol!!

  11. yum, yum, YUM!!! we're just getting into spring over here!


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