Monday, September 1, 2008

Party at the O.K. Corral!!

My oldest daughter is about to turn 6. I'm in the midst of planning her party. I stumbled across an older camera I had packed away (while cleaning my art studio this weekend), & it had some pictures on it of when she turned 4! (YIKES! That totally gives you a hint about how well my photos are organized.)
She had a cowgirl/horse party & it was one of the most fun parties I've ever planned for my girls! Being in September, I have the option of having her party outdoors. So, we invited guests to a park by the river & it was perfect! The wee western guests were greeted with their very own stick horses (the party girl got one that made horsey noises!), cowgirl hats (purchased at dollar stores & thrift stores), & bandannas (made from fabric I purchased at Walmart).

The table was set up with different colored checkered tablecloths. I purchased some red cowgirl boots at the thrift store & filled them with red & white carnations. Put the flowers in a heavy glass or vase first, & then place the glass/vase inside the boots. There was also a thermos full of hot chocolate, a crock pot full of little hotdogs & other yummy foods & drinks!

We had extra cowboy hats for guests to wear & bales of hay set around (blankets laid on top) for guests to rest their bums. Even great-grandma got into the action!! (That's my youngest with her cockeyed cowgirl hat!)

For games, we had a horse pinata. (I bought it. This party took a lot of planning so I did buy a lot of stuff instead of making them. I even bought the invitations, which makes me cringe. HAHA!)
My favorite part of the party were the next two games. First, I took a bale of hay & spread it around. (The hay was sitting on top of a tarp for easy cleanup after the party.) Inside the hay I hid all sorts of tiny little prizes & treats with a horse theme. On cue, the kids scurried to scoop up the goodies inside their hats.

Then, everyone was given some "silly string" for a Silly String Shoot-out! It was a fun mess & all the adults got involved too! Silly string was purchased at the dollar store, so I was able to get quite a few bottles.

I made the horse cake, following some instructions given at the Family Fun website. I used a chocolate chip frosting for some fun texture. Of course there were horse plates & horse cups. Also, not pictured, were all the plastic utensils wrapped in their own napkins & tied with a piece of natural twine.

The kids went home with all their collected goodies from the hay hunt game, their hats, their stick horses, bandannas AND a real pony horse shoe with their name engraved on it. The engraving was simply done with metal letters that were hammered onto each horseshoe. (Unfortunately I don't have pics of the personalized shoes.)

Because there were just a few children invited, I was able to do a lot more for the kids. My favorite part of any party are the favors & prizes, so I go "all out" there.

The birthday cowgirl had a blast! She even got to ride off into the sunset on her very first bike!

Check out this fun website with western slang.


  1. Nikki, what a cute bday party. I am sure all the kids had a blast.

  2. Theme parties are way too cute! What a fun mommy you are!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yeah, they make those jellybean pop guys for every holiday. I've got riendeer for xmas, chickens for easter, and black cats for Halloween! =) hehe



  3. Hi Nikki...I wandered over to your blog and thought I would say 'hi'. The party looks like it was a big hit...and fun!

    Love your posts...and I'll be sure to come back. Stop by when you have time!


  4. Nikki,

    HOW CUTE! My daughter turns 4 in Feb. and loves horses! I may steal some ideas...except for the may not be an indoor game;o)

    Stalk you soon,

  5. hi nikki!
    thanks for visiting my blog :)
    your bday party photos are adorable! i checked out your music player and really love "i'm yours" by jason mraz as well! in face, i posted his video a couple of weeks ago in my blog!


  6. finding that camera is the best kind of surprise!!! it was such a gorgeous day for the party

  7. Another great party! I'm going to send my sister here, since she is working on a horse party for March!
    Thanks again!


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