Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Peanut Butter Crackers

I apologize. The "celery painting" tutorial is being put on hold until tomorrow. I forgot that my oldest daughter would be hanging out with me today. I took a break from regular stuff. After running some minor errands we came home for a snack--chocolate milk & peanut butter crackers. Look at her double-straw-in' it!

My favorite is when the peanut butter oozes through the cracker holes.

We went outside & took a peek at our crop of grapes. (I'm hoping the birds will come eat them all so I don't have to deal. ) And we worked on making some party decorations for her upcoming birthday.

I've got a yummy collection of vintage buttons I'm playing with for new button rings for the shop. I'm really needing to clear space & make room for some new goodies at WhiMSy love. I'm thinking of having an "End of Summer Clearance Sale" soon. But I need a jazzier name for the sale. Yes, I'll do that. This Friday it shall begin!! YAY for deals on awesome handmade & vintage goodness!

OK, I'm off to make stuff outside while watching the wee ones play...

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