Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wee Fun at a "Tiny" Party!!

Finally, the day was here! I'm speaking of my 6 year old's "tiny" themed birthday party. A few weeks ago I mailed out invitations that were packaged in these teensy-weensy envelopes purchased from ARTchaeology. They measure just 1" x 1 1/2"! I got the idea for a "tiny party" from a Martha Stewart magazine.

I put this teensy-weensy envelope inside another envelope, which was tucked into another envelope, etc.

There were 6 envelopes total. And the cutest thing EVERS is when I overheard a couple of the wee party guests talking to one another & giggling about how they had to open their invitations & "there was another envelope.......& another...& another......& another......."

Mini cupcakes were to be the dessert of the day. Pink mini cupcakes, to be exact.

Both miniature & regular sized strawberry cupcakes were baked the night before the party. That way, I have more time on the ACTUAL day of the party to stress over other things.

They were frosted with light blue whipped cream cheese frosting & decorated with blue raspberry flavored sprinkles.

I also made these ADORABLE (& my favorite part of the party) candied apples. I got the recipe from Family Fun magazine. Here's a quick "how-to"...
Use a melon baller to scoop out small round bits of apple. Cut a lollipop stick in half, at an angle, & push it into the apple. Pat the apple peices dry.
Melt butterscotch chips (that's what I used) or peanut butter chips. I suppose you could go crazy & use milk chocolate or white chocolate chips too!
Swirl the mini apples in the melted chips...
...& roll into your choice of sprinkles, nuts, coconut, etc. I used confetti sprinkles & chopped pecans.
After the tiny apples set, I wrapped each one in a small treat bag tied with a bit of ribbon.

Handmade party hats were set out & waiting for the guests.

I totally remember how annoying that elastic felt around your neck as a kid. Remember that?
I also made a tiny "Happy Birthday" banner.

I didn't have as much time to take as many pics as I'd wished for, but I caught a quick glimpse of some small party balloons which were actually water balloons that I blew up & tied--3 per stem--to a straw. I stuck them in vases as decorations & the kids got to take them home after the party.

Mr. WhiMSy love & I ALWAYS decorate our sidewalk & walkway with birthday messages & party greetings.

When the kids arrived, we made mini pizzas.
I supplied the sauce, canadian bacon & cheese for the kids to decorate their pizzas with.

After lunch, the kids had a treasure hunt. I filled several small envelopes with picture clues--because none of the kids can read yet--& hid them in secret locations before the party. Each clue had a picture which led them to the next clue, etc.
They're gathered in our bathroom, after finding a clue hidden in the toilet paper roll!

Mr. WhiMSy love hands out the treasures!

OK, I need to pause for a moment of awesomeness. The lighting of the ceremonial birthday candles was upon us. I recently bought these candles because they looked like fun. They're called "Fast-Lite Birthday Candles" & they're all connected by some sort of paper. You just light one candle & the rest of the candles light instantly!! Holy Cow. These are the most awesome invention EVERS!

Yes, they do flare up a bit at first. But, seriously, an INSTANT is all it took. This photo was not touched at all. And yes, it looks scary, but I wish my cupboards were full of these candles! I'd use them at every birthday for the rest of my life!!!
(I thought of doing a video of it because it is so cool.)

The birthday girl blew out her 6 candles...

...& the kids enjoyed tiny cupcakes & punch served in tiny cups. (The cups were just those "bathroom cups" that you rinse your mouth in. I don't, but some people do.)

I printed out some fun "Small Facts" on pieces of paper & had them lying around for the adults to read at random. I even had a trivia question: "How many teeth does a mosquito have?" The closest guesser got a prize! Even adults need to have a little fun at the kidlets' parties.

The kids went home with goodie bags filled with tiny treats: a mini stapler, wee notebook, a little pen, a teensy game, a weensy eraser, a minute tape dispenser & a tiny hand-painted wooden cupcake.

This sweet "It's My Birthday" badge was a surprise gift in a package I recently received from Jeanetta of splendid designs. It is the most glittery & lovely statement of birthday proportions!

Other tiny ideas I found...


  1. You're such a great mommy!!! I love the blue frosted cupcakes and the mini apples!! soo much fun! Happy bday to your little gal!

  2. I love this idea! Gorgeous birthday girl and what a fun time! :)

  3. that is a GREAT birthday idea! i love it!!

  4. nikki - you throw the BEST birthday parties! your girls are so lucky - i hope they appreciate you! i WANT those candles - what an awesome pic! where'd u get them?

  5. OMG, coolest party EVAH!
    Why can't grown ups have birthday parties like this?!
    My son's birthday party is in October and he doesn't want a party, he wants to go to Legoland instead. (Entrance cost will cost more than a party!)
    I keep trying to persuade him to have a rainbow party and telling him he'll get lots of presents, but, no, he wants to go to Legoland.
    It's my birthday in January.
    Maybe I'll have the rainbow party instead!

  6. Looks like you had a great party. I use to host a themed dinner party every month for some of my close friends. Itwas so much fun but alot of work. Love your blog by the way it makes me a bit hungry though;)

  7. That's the cutest idea ever. I might do something like it, since my daughter LOVES her dollhouse. It could be a little dollhouse party. Fun. Do we have these parties for them or us? BTW, email your girls birthday dates. Their pen pal (O) would probably like to send them something in the future.

  8. what a cute blog! thanks for sharing.....

  9. You so out did yourself! I am in love with those tiny apples. Carmel apples are a definate weakness of mine. I am so glad she liked the party. I would have even like that one for my birthday.

  10. I want you to throw my next birthday party :-)

  11. Oh my gosh this the most adortable little girl party idea! I am going to use it for of my littles!!

  12. This is so darn cute!! I have seen this Martha idea, but I think yours turned out much cuter than hers:-) I'm going to do this someday for my daughter. Those invitation were hilarious. I think I'll make those carmel apples for my pumpkin painting party in a few weeks. Great ideas!!

  13. Oh My gosh! How cute!
    I thought my mom and I were crazy with our wild themed parties with soooooo much detail! She was a miniaturist and I wish she were with us today to see some of these fabulous things on the internet, especially your party!
    I even loved your choice of music during your blog! :)
    How lucky your children are to have such a super moms and pops!
    Best wishes to the party gal!
    Lisa Marie

  14. I scored several of the Martha Stewart "Tiny Party in a Box" kits for $7 on clearance at Michael's last month. My daughter's 5th birthday is in six weeks and I've been wondering how in the world to concoct a party that's tiny without being dull. I'm so stealing your ideas! The mini candy apples? Awesome! I'm wondering how they would work with grapes.

    On our party favor list? Mini mix CDs. I found wee little 24-minute CDRs.

    Thanks for the inspiration! You've probably saved me a 6-week-long panic attack.

  15. This is really adorable! I bet my daughter would really get into a party like this! And I am jealous of you cute little apple pops. I tried to do some for Halloween that totally flopped, but I wasn't really reading any directions. I thing I just did straight-up melted caramel, and didn't dry the apple balls well before dipping.

    Anyway...Thanks so much for joining in my party! You have some fantastic ideas!

  16. So adorable! I found you through Kendra's blog. Can't wait to look around more!

  17. I too just scored Martha's Tiny party kit, clearanced at $6.99 and I could use a 40% coupon on it! I'm inspired by your party, so many great ideas, I can't wait to see what I come up with, and lovin' the blog too!

  18. Oh my! I wish I had been following this blog last year. What a great party! My dd just had a 'tiny party' as well. We had a birthday party for her doll Hally, and all her friends came over... but I have to say, it wasn't near as cute as yours! What a sweet party! Your daughter is very blessed to have a creative mother like you.

    Those mini candy apples are to die for!

    So glad to have found you. I will be back!



    (The tiny party post of mine is here:

  19. Absolutely adorable and so inspiring! My daughter is having her 8th birthday party at a mini museum, so your ideas are perfect! Thanks for sharing! Could you please let me know where you got your small facts? Very funny idea!

  20. I love your tiny party, the apple on stick that you made as treat is a good idea. But where is the tiny birthday invitations?


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