Sunday, September 7, 2008

YAY For Rad Visitors!!!!!!!

I just had the most lovely & wonderful visit with my Etsy BFF Beck of Little Daisy Chains. She & hubby Mik passed by this way on their way home to Portland from a Stone Temple Pilots concert in Spokane.
My girls announced the arrival of the pair as they drove up in their car: "MOM! Beck's here!!!!" They totally remember meeting her only a few short weeks ago at the train station. There were hugs all around & I was a giddy girl!
I made cupcakes this morning in honor of my sweet friend's arrival. I was hoping the house would be filled with the smell of warm chocolate goodies baking in the oven. But shortly after the oven was turned on I realized it only smelled of burnt pizza toppings that had fallen to the bottom of the oven a few nights ago. Oh well--What can a cupcake girl do? When Beck arrived I actually had her help me frost the cupcakes--we chose deep purple & apple green.After a yummy BBQ (& picking corn from our teeth), their departure loomed. We quickly headed out to the backyard for a spontaneous photo shoot. The hubbies captured us flying high like a couple of awesomely un-aerodynamic dorks. And then there were the inevitable self portraits....

This is my favorite! HAHAHA!

LOOK! It's Nik, Beck & Mik! What a super fun way to spend an afternoon!!!! I can't wait to goof around in Portland one of these days!


  1. OMG!!! This was seriously the most fun I've had in a way looooooong time! Yay for play dates! Thank you WhiMSy Fam!!

  2. hey- just wondering if you can please give me the recipes for the chocolate covered pretzels and mini cheesecakes? if you're willing, that'll be great! :)
    by the way glad you had fun with Beck! :)

  3. what a fun afternoon! i have the exact same jumping pic on my blog - come look!!!


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