Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My pops picked some peaches from his tree for me, so I made some cobbler. I think it's one of my favorite desserts....Mmmmmm....

I am not a fan of the crafty blog that turns foodie, so I apologize for this sudden onslaught of all things food-like. BUT, when I find a simple recipe I SO desperately want to share it because I SO desperately hate cooking--& I want to help other cooker haters. I know, not a good thing to proclaim when it's one of my job requirements. Actually, I don't think I hate cooking, but everything that leads up to -& follows- it.

OK, here's the simple recipe I'm excited to share...It doesn't involve sweets or desserts. (Bummer, I know.)
I found out about the KRAFT Food & Family magazine through a friend & just recently ordered it---it's FREE!! It has some great & simple food ideas. I had to make dinner for a couple families tonight (mine was one of them!) & I chose to make these little muffin tin meat loafs. (The recipe is on the very last page of that link.) Sorry for the fuzzy photo. (*Darn!*)It's really cool because this is how simple it is...
Mix together:
1 lb. lean ground beef
1 6oz. package of stuffing
1 CUP water

THEN, you get to decide, by the chart below, what flavor of meatloaf you want. American-style? Italian-style? Mexican-style? I chose American. So, to my meaty mix, I added 1 tsp garlic powder.

Add that mixture to some oiled muffin tins.

Make a small indent into each mini loaf with the back of a spoon...

...and fill it with the sauce that corresponds with your "flavor" choice.
Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes. Sprinkle cheddar cheese on top & bake for 5 more minutes. DONE!

OK--now here's one last little foodie story.....
I walked into the kitchen last night & LOOK what I found...
These are the leftover cupcakes I made from my recent visit with my Etsy BFF Beck. Those are little finger marks dug right through the icing. All 6 cupcakes on the plate had these exact marks. After some quick cupcake detective work I found a wee girl with colored frosting on her face & fingers. (And she had JUST brushed her teeth & was ready for nighty-night time!)

More crafty & silly goodness soon---I promise!


  1. Don't worry, I love blogs that talk about food!! lol!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe! I'm going to try it! btw, I left you a blog award on my blog today :)

  2. I love this recipe... except I use 1lb of hamburger, 1/2 cup of water, 6 oz of Stove Top Stuffing, and 1 egg. To keep from getting my hands ooey and gooey from the hamburger and egg - I throw everything into a gallon sized plastic bag and squish it around. (The kids can even do this!) Then I plop it out into a loaf pan, smooth it down, and cover it with ketchup! Thanks for sharing the recipe book!

  3. Can you give the recipe for the peach cobbler? Looks yummy!! Mine seems to end up a bit gooey, and yours looks a bit more crunchy...


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