Friday, October 17, 2008

Beware of the Black Cat.

This is Lou. (That's short for 'Lucifer'). He's an old cat. 11 in human years. He's annoying as heck & bites & scratches. Before I had kids I used to dance with Lou all the time & let him sleep in my bed. Now he lives down the street with my parents--just a few short minutes away. My mom & I got him at an animal shelter, when he was just a wee kitty, in Arizona, & surprised my dad. The way we knew he was "THE special cat" was that I held him, his claws grabbed onto my shirt & he wouldn't let go. I can't remember if this story is true or made up, but: I think he was found abandoned in an alley near Disneyland. Almost half his right ear is missing--a fight with a tougher feline in his tiny cat days. When he was a lot younger, birds used to chase him. His greatest feat is that I managed to teach him to play "fetch" time. He whines a lot. He's loveable in his own odd way, but I thought since Halloween is approaching, I'd introduce you to a 'scary' black cat. Hissssssss!


  1. How strange & funny - I posted my own pic of my black cat today too.. Great minds think alike.

    Check her out -

    I think your ex-kitty is beautiful.

    I love your blog, btw.

  2. I had a black cate as a pet when I was younger too. His name was "Midnight". Yeah I know real original. He was a stray we found in the neighborhood. My sister and I used to dress hin in doll clothes. Yeah he loved that. HA!
    I have a foundness for black cats.

  3. I had a little black cat named Frog. My high school boyfriend got her for me. The only problem? I'm allergic to cats. Gee, I wonder why that relationship didn't work out?

  4. Oooh I didn't know you had a kitty, even if down the street! Yay for animals. What a funny name too. Darn birds better leave him alone.

    I had a black kitty once too, actually two of them. One when I was super little named Jasper who eventually went to be adopted by my Aunt when my parents got a divorce and the second one as a preteen named KiKi who was put to sleep by my evil step mother when I moved out of the house. Poor black kitty's never seem to have it easy do they?


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