Monday, October 27, 2008

Carving & a Corny Corn Maze

The girls & I recently carved pumpkins they hand-picked at their separate school field trips to the pumpkin patch. I was SUPER bummed that, because of conflicting appointments, I couldn't go with either one of them this year.

The girls told me that THIS year they'd be brave & actually reach into the pumpkins & pull out the innards. Last year they squealed & were just SO grossed out. This time they did very well--they pulled all the seeds out & then stuffed 'em back in so they could do it over & over & over.

I remember being in kindergarten or 1st grade & all the kids got to reach into a pumpkin & see how many seeds they could pull out with one hand. Guess who won? Yours truly.

We have two of the tiniest pumpkins ever born in the patch. My 4 year olds stands 4 1/2" tall from pumpkin rump to tippy top stem. We even lit the pumpkins & ate dinner by "spooky" candlelight...

Since we're on the topic of pumpkins & all, I'll just throw this picture in the mix...

In other pumpkin-y news, a couple nights ago Mr. WhiMSy love & I went on a double date with our friends, Dean & Tia, to a corn maze.

I asked Tia if I could post this pic of her . I haven't gotten a response yet, but I'm sure it's fine...(Not really! She said I could.) After a long episode in the maze, we waited in a SUPER long line to go to the haunted "Field of Screams". Sad to say, we moved about 4 feet in 45 minutes & the line was very long & winding. Our allotted babysitter time was coming to an end & we had to leave. Boo hoo. I did get to eat a slice-o-pumpkin pie while standing in line, so that made up for our extended & useless wait. AND, on our way out I saw the freakiest thing ever...

A fake goat. It's like a taxidermy goat but with moving parts. His mouth actually looks as if it's chewing. Totally weird. And freaky.

Ok, well, maybe this was the most freaky thing that night...


  1. i went to a corn maze in kansas last weekend! it was daylight tho. kinda fun if you don't have anything else to do!!! your double date looks like fun.

  2. OMG, you guys look like you had so much fun! I love corn mazes...and I can't wait to get the seeds out of the mouth is watering for them!


  3. Ewww...pumpkin innards...I don't even like to stick my hand in there. Your girls were very brave. I love the picture of you guys at the end. Your hair looks great! I got tagged (I'm not sure what this means) but I decided to follow the directions. Play along if you want to your you can just ignore it. I posted the directions on my blog-here's the link:
    Happy Halloween!

  4. fun! our cornmaze must have been done by the same folks who did yours. we had cornumdrums and a political maze as well!

    if only our pumpkin vine didn't die...sigh...

  5. I think I just saw the corn maze that you posted in the photo on TV tonight. I just noticed your blog was featured in the latest Artful Blogging. I gotta check that out!


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