Friday, October 31, 2008

A Feet Journey

Here are a few moments in a random day with me & my feet...

After dropping the kidlets off at school, I worked out at the gym yesterday morning. I've been seeing a trainer, but now that I know the basics & am not feeling so intimidated by the atmosphere, I'll be going it alone soon--or rather, with my workout buddy Tia. While the guys are grunting away lifting their large weights, we squeak along while pumping iron with the wee 5 pounders. I'm so proud of us. We're gonna look hot soon. Just you wait & see.

After a quick shower & getting the girls from school, I ran through the leaves. Not big enough for making a pile to jump into yet, but Autumn's working on it.

I watched as my girls made candy trades & negotiations. Serious stuff. Apparently a twizzler is worth more than a mini Milky Way. Who knew? While they weren't looking I stole a pack of peanut m&m's. **Bad mom! Bad!** Hey, you know you take your kids candy too, so don't throw stones. (And if you do throw stones, make sure they're the candy kind.)
I'm really trying to show off my new Betsey Johnson over-the-knee-highs, from TJ Maxx. Which are sagging at the moment.

Then, I watched a movie. Barbie's 'The 12 Dancing Princesses'. And there sat the laundry pile that was NOT folding itself.

Time to check my email messages & blog! My art studio is messy----again! But look at my slippers. My mom got 'em for me last year from Avon. Here's the cool part: they're convertible!

Neener neener, I can do cool tricks with my slippers! And please don't ask why there's rice all over the carpet. It's just not worth explaining. By the time you read this, the floor will be spotless. I promise.

And lastly, I danced it up with my 4 year old. (Great. You can totally see my dirty kitchen floor & the unfinished baseboards.)

***Remember! Tomorrow is the holiday reveal for my 2008 ornament & card!! YAY! I'll be letting my blog friends have the first sneak peek before they go into the shop on November 2nd!
Have a great weekend lovely people!!


  1. oooo i love suprises and sneak peeks!! doesn't look any dirtier than mine....funny though, i was thinking the same thing about my sewing room floor. not the rice thing, but just...ummmmmm...crafty!

  2. I just love reading your posts. They always get a smile out of me. I'm proud of you for the exercise. I've been trying to motivate myself to do the same. I'm about 35 lbs over weight right now. I'm looking into joining weight watchers and start a daily walking routine. I loved your sneak stuff!

  3. You thought your flickr photo of you on crutches was big you just wait!! All of the feet fetish people are going to come a flockin'!!! Haaa haaa! ;O)

  4. that's so cool! my 17 year old did a similar post using our cat while i was away in new york!


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