Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally.....a Fall Walk!

Last year I took the girls on a Fall Walk to celebrate the first day of Fall. Well, when Fall came around this year, the view outside wasn't the picturesque "crunchy leaf" scene I had in my head. Now it is! Before out walk, my 4-year old performed a very scientific & intricate test outside to see if it was "jacket weather".

I just HAD to show this picture. My wee one has a runny nose, so I asked her to please put some tissues in her pocket for our walk. She came out of the bathroom, her pockets bulging with giant wads of tissues. HAHA! What a nerd.
We actually took a "Walk-n-Roll", because my 6-year old just HAD to bring along the miniature grocery shopping cart. The little one holds a bag---ready for treasures!

One of our goals on the walk was to stop by a neighboring house to see these beautiful red bushes! The girls wanted to touch them so badly.

Isn't this rock crazy? My littlest one found it. It looks exactly like a nose--with holes for the nostrils & everything!!

We also found the cutest tiny leaves. My girls described them as "dollhouse leaves".

Thanks for coming along on our walk. This breezy Fall day makes me want to fly a kite! Hey, that's not a bad idea....

Oh, & this is totally random & off the subject, but I've been thinking of listing all the tutorials I do (& have done) on the sidebar in a handy little tute section. What do you think?

P.S. I'm getting my hair cut today!!


  1. 1st- LOVE the colors in your pics. How beautiful~

    2nd- The sidebar would be great for your toots!

    3rd- Can't wait for the pic on the haircut!

    4th- Have a great day!

  2. yes! tutes in the sidebar- yeah!

  3. Oh I wish for fall like weather here in Texas so my daughter people and I can go on a walk just like yours. Tissues and all.


  4. Like the previous comment...I'm also from Texas. We don't get a fall like that. I've never experienced it in my life!

    I think a sidebar with your tutorials is a great idea!


  5. Ha! That's really close to my jacket or sweater test! I open the back door and stand there with my arms stretched straight out.

    Works for relative rainfall assement too.

    I can't wait to see what you do with your hair. I am fighting the urge to chop it all off again. Logically, I know that I will achive "Dutch Boy" rather than "Chicago," but it's raining today and the frizz is trying to talk me in to it...

  6. When we go for walks, my son always tries to find a heart shaped rock. It must be the romantic in him. But we're totally looking for a nostril rock now--very cool!
    Great idea for the tutes. I'm getting paint chips this afternoon!

  7. How fun! I enjoyed going along your walk. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year! I live in Florida and didn't realize how fall deprived I was until a recent trip up north. I thought the trees were fake! Enjoy all of your changing colors!

  8. Lovely finds! I absolutely adore autumn. The pictures are lovely too, beautiful colors.

    The nose-rock is hilarious. So funny!

    Your daughters are so cute. I love the wads of tissue, haha. Priceless..

  9. I love your pictures. Definitely to the "tutes" and please don't cut your hair off-I love it. I wished I had long locks like yours to braid!

  10. Thanks for sharing your fun!

    I think a tute section is a great idea- you are so creative and I can reference back so easily if you do that!

  11. It's just too easy to get awesome photos this time of year. AHHH! I love it! THis is my favorite season incase you didnt know.

  12. Thank you for capturing the beautiful fall colors for us!
    Love the nose rock! Hope it doesn't get a cold like the little one!

  13. The picture of your wee one with her wads of tissue is the funniest thing I've ever seen!! I had girl friends over while I hopped on my blog (then yours) and showed it to everyone in the room! We all chuckled! So cute...

    We don't have much of a fall in Oklahoma, but we do say "Happy Fall Y'all" down here and sometimes just the nerdiness of such a saying makes it ok that we don't.


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