Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Aid Kits

I always like to share the events of the day when I have my monthly MOPS meetings (Mothers Of PreSchoolers). We had a SUPER informative meeting today! A lady came in & spoke about things that mothers deal with all the time with their kids: cuts, scrapes, burns, pain, fever, etc. & she gave GREAT advice on when we should bring our kids to the doc/hospital vs. staying home. (I remember being a first time mom & bringing my baby to the doctor at every sniffle & sneeze.)
October, being "National Breast Cancer Awareness Month" we invited some medical-type people to talk to our group about breast cancer.
Seeing as our topics seemed to be medically themed, I decided that, for a creative activity, our moms would make first aid kits to keep in our cars or "mom missiles" (that's what my Etsy BFF, Beck, calls "minivans"!) Unfortunately our donations from the local hospitals didn't come through in time, so we had to purchase all the supplies for the kits.
The cases were purchased at Walmart. (Only 25cents each, since they were bought after all the school supplies went on sale!)

The moms decorated the boxes with foam stickers & puffy paint. Here's my superfly star-embellished kit.

I laid out all the "supplies"-- with paper tags describing how much of each item the moms could put in their kit. They filled their first aid kits with: an Emergency First Aid Chart (Click HERE for the PDF), tweezers, large band-aids, small band-aids, cotton balls, round cotton pads, q-tips, rolls of gauze, antibacterial wet wipes, cough drops, antacids, a comb (don't ask), stickers (to help cheer the kiddos when they get owies), & disposable medical gloves.

Remembering that our theme for MOPS this year is Adventures in Mothering, (think adventure theme park, roller coasters, etc.) our hospitality team decorated each table this month with pumpkins decorated with the name of each table.

The favors this month were provided by one of our Mentor Moms, Marty. I thought it was so clever. A simple nut cup with a paper & flower handle, filled with pink candies & chocolates wrapped in pink--to go along with the American Cancer Society's "think pink" campaign for breast cancer awareness.

Me & my MOPS mates that just returned from the MOPS convention in Dallas were able to share a few minutes of our experience & rally the mommy troops to get on board for going next year to Tennessee!


  1. Thanks Nikki for that first aid list! I was going to be re-doing my kit..this is perfect!! I love how you guys decorated the kits! What a great idea!

  2. Love the first aide chart, thanks for sharing. We too are doing FAK's coming up but I can't remember what month!

  3. Jessica---it'll be in Nashville at the Gaylord Resort there. In September I think.


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