Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Friday!

One of my most favorite things to do is to collect random vintage floral dishes----& use them every day.

My ma-in-law is coming this weekend from Arizona. That means there'll be lots of shopping & lots of eating out. (Two things I'm NOT complaining about!!) The girls are thrilled & all squealy-like this morning.

With the arrival of guests, comes the frantic duty of cleaning house. Ugh. BUT, my super duper best friend Tia is coming over this afternoon to help with that chore. We discovered a really cool idea at the recent MOPS convention that we returned from last week: bartering. And it works out awesome because her gifts & talents & likes are pretty much the opposite of mine. For example: I will help throw her kid's a birthday party & she'll help me with my meal planning. Or, I'll wrap all her Christmas gifts & she'll clean my toilets. (JOKING!....kind of.) Get it? We've also talked about cooking meals for each other a couple nights a week. So, if I'm having spaghetti for dinner one night, I'll cook up a HUGE batch of it & bring it over to her house to share. She gets a night off of cooking & will do the same for me later in the week!

Here's a preview of the tutorial I'll be doing tomorrow! Happy Weekend my little WhiMSy lovers!

UPDATE: Sorry all my tutorial fans, but the tiara tute will be put on hold until late Sunday. My ma-in-law arrived at the Portland airport (4 hours away) & invited the fam to come over HERE to stay for the weekend. Being the spontaneous chik I am--I decided we should go! I'm busy cleaning & packing & wanted to let you know! See you Sunday!

Pretty random post, but I wanted to say "hello!". Because I can.


  1. Chore bartering is not working for me right now...

    I keep telling Hubby he has more upper body strength and cleans the bathroom SO much better than I do...

    Plus I am so much better at laundry...

    He's not buying it.

  2. hmmmm chore bartering...what a fabulous idea. My best friend and I used to meal swap in carpool line at school once a week. We got some funny looks but I was giggling on the inside because I wasn't cooking that night and they probably were. Anyway, we are at differnet schools this year so I need to find another bartering buddy. :)

  3. Oh how I love the bartering system! HAppy weekend to you too!

  4. Love this idea. I need a IRL BFF. :P

  5. ooo chore bartering!! Brillian!!
    btw, I now want a corn dog!!

  6. OMG!! You are going to love that lodge!! It's awesome times 10. Mik took me there for a super random romantic I love you weekend a few years ago. It was the bestest. Have fun. Waving from Hillsboro!!

  7. ooh jealous of your skamania getaway! have fun!!

  8. What a lovely surprise getaway! I hope you all enjoy yourselves.


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