Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Weep For T.V.

I'm having withdrawals. I thought I was doing OK. I really did. I just have those occasional nights when I NEED it. I break into cold sweats & oh-the pain-is almost unbearable....... I miss my TV........ There--I said it. So, I borrowed a small stack of videos from my friend Tia & I think I'll be OK.....for a while. One of the movies is "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". I've seen it before, & I usually don't like seeing movies more than once --(except for 'The Notebook'....**swoon**) ......BUT, I am now willing to make exceptions & watch previously viewed cinematic productions in their entirety MULTIPLE times.

So, seen any good movies lately? Please, please, give me some good movie recommendations. I'm willing to hear your critiques, your "thumbs up/thumbs down" debates, your reviews, your all-time favorite list of movies....Tell me, blog to me.....I'm here.

And how I've handled not seeing the last episodes of Project Runway is beyond me.
On the happy crafty side of things, I've been in a steady rhythm of makin' stuff. I went to Ace Hardware, Home Depot & Walmart today to raid their paint swatch samples to make loads more of those Paint Chip Notebooks. (That tutorial gets more hits on my blog every day than any other page!) I was totally pretending to compare colors & straining my face to look like I really cared if the color 'Patchouli' went with the color 'Pond Water'. Someday they'll be on to me. I just know it. When they do, I'll send grandma in to get 'em for me.


  1. I've been 'stalking' your blog for a I figure it's only proper of me to comment. :) I'm a co-coordinator for crafts at my MOPS group...and your website is a MUST for ideas. Hope you don't mind!

    If you don't mind a few curse words...hubby and I can watch 'When Harry Met Sally' at least twice a week. He laughs at the same scenes EVERY time we watch it.

    Oh, and you didn't miss much on Project Runway. *wink*

  2. I recently watched a movie called Made of Honor starring Patrick Dempsey that I loved.

    We watch a lot of Disney movies. Current favs: Peter Pan, Jungle Book, Aristocats.

    I love tv shows on DVD. Gotta love Netflix but the library is good, too. I've watched all of the Sopranos, Sex and the City, Queer as Folk on dvd. Love it that way. Ooh and Weeds. That's another good one.

    We don't have cable or satellite anymore either so I'm right there w/ ya, girlfriend! :)

  3. Love your blog! I headed up Moppets at our church about a million years ago when my kids were little :)I found you when I was following a little patchwork basket around the WWW.

    Current fave is Once. Watch out for the language tho--you won't want the kiddos to be anywhere near. The music in it is fantastic though.

  4. If you like "The Notebook", you will like "P.S. I love you". Have you seen it? It made me cry more than "The Notebook" did! My DBF and I work for the local cable company, so we get free cable along with all of the hbo's, cinemax's, and those kind of channels. I couldn't live without the TV!

    If the stores around you start to run out of paint chips, let us know. I am sure all of your fans can keep you supplied!!

    I hope all is coming along well with your crafting for the fair.

  5. try the Felon, it is a new release, my hubby made me watch it. Not something I would usually like, but it has a good story. Not for kids eyes or ears. I even cried at the end.

  6. Hey, great blog - great Flickr site. Wow, no t.v. huh? That is brave. We may be headed that way too. I look forward to reading more about that on your blog...

    For/with kids: Mary Poppins, Meet the Robinsons, Robots, Willy Wonka, Peter Pan (original animated). Those are big faves around here.

    For Grownups, we recently enjoyed: August Rush. Chocolat. We're getting Mad Men season 1 on Netflix - LOVE it. Election (with Reese Witherspoon) Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Enchanted (Patrick Dempsey, yum.) Waitress. The Bourne Identity series. Catch and Release. The 40 yr. old Virgin. Yours Mine & Ours (original - 1968)

    That's all for now. I'm looking forward to reading your blog for many reasons, but I'm curious how the no-t.v. thing is going to go for you all (it's going to be good, I think) Who knows, maybe you'll inspire me to do the same!


  7. I'm not a big chick flick fan, but I do like the movie "In Her Shoes" quite a bit. Also, old Alfred Hitchcock favorite is "Rear Window."

  8. My absolute-most-favouritest-film-ever is "Stardust" I could watch that over and over. Robert De Niro is fantastic in it!
    Plus, some of it was filmed in the village of Castle Combe which is 5 minutes from where I live.

  9. August Rush is one of my new favorites and if you like guitar music then it is a must.

    We watch the old Robin Hood movie with Kevin Costner at Bella's party and that is amust now for an evening with our kids.

    Definitley, Maybe is a cute new movie.

  10. I can't believe you missed PR's finale! Did you know the winner used to be an Etsy seller! Cool, huh? A movie that made me laugh-really hard-was Failure to Launch.

  11. You know, (not to tempt you or anything *wink*), but you can watch movies on the Internet! And the Project Runway finale on youtube....;-)

  12. Well....working at both Home Decor & the PAINT DEPARTMENT...I plan on doing a daily snag of paint chips for myself...(hope they dont catch on! course, they are always left hither & yon, also....I plan on using for a basic "business card" for my customers...what an AWESOME inspiration.....I do aplaude your no tv til next year...Creative blessings, Debbie


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