Thursday, October 9, 2008


I'm not a HUGE coffee drinker, but I LOVE the smell of coffee. Mr. WhiMSy love brews some on the weekends in our huge-o-matic coffee machine. (He works for a coffee company so he HAS to sample some flavors.)

Today I went about shopping--picking up supplies for the next craft project I'll be teaching at my MOPS group, & I stopped by my new favorite little coffee stand--Ned's Coffee Shed. It's a little red & white miniature house-type coffee shop. Drive thru only. I ordered a pumpkin pie latte. Pumpkin PIE. Yumminess to the infinite power. I've never met Ned, I'm sure he's a nice fella. One of the ladies gave me a "punch" card--you know the "buy 13 get the 14th free" dealio? Well, I have about 3 cards from that place & I always forget to bring them with me. (Wrong purse--you know the routine.) So, she said she'd keep the card there for me. And on their wall above the drive-thru windows are all these little stamp cards with customers names on them. It was so cute!

But the highlight of my little latte pit stop was the tip bucket. Hil.Ar.Ious. Another tip bucket on the opposite drive-thru counter says "Do you fear change? Put it here." So, that's my morning. I'm still picking chocolate covered coffee beans out of my teeth...

On a crafty side note, I've got a couple new projects in the works for the shop--to be revealed soon.... AND, every year I like to come up with a new holiday ornament & holiday card design. Last year the ornaments were these felt cupcakes made with vintage trim & vintage buttons...

...& the holiday card was what else? A holiday cupcake--& my first ever colored pencil drawing that was sold at WhiMSy love. So, I've decided that on November 2nd I'll have my new designs ready & in the shop! (On November 1st my super duper blog readers get a sneak peek!!)

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  1. Hello Whimsy Love,
    I love your blog! I check it out everyday! I mentioned you yesterday on my blog, I loved the tut on the pumpkin. I am a gourd artist, check me out!
    Gourd Wishes, Wendy
    Join my blog, I need friends!


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