Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Stuff!

I've got to post my newest goodies in the shop NOW!

Firstly, I made a handful of these adorable nuggets, which I'm calling "Hoop Decor". Vintage fabric & vintage buttons are securely fastened to a wooden embroidery hoop to create some sweet & charming little pieces of art. I'm in love with that green & white polka dotted fabric. The white dots are all fuzzy & yummy! I could only find one tiny swatch of this fabric during my recent visit to the antique shops in town--poo. And I'm in love with yellow lately, so my favorite little hoop decor has to be the yellow buttons on the polka-dotty fabric.

And I think I have a super duper button collection--so these pieces feature the best of my button beauties!

And check out the latest addition to the "Writing on the Wall" Book Art collection! I love this new fold. It totally reminds me of some Art Deco wall sconces I've seen! And the cool thing about this piece is that you can hang it right-side up or upside-down for 2 different looks!


  1. very cool, I like everything.

  2. Love all your hoop decor!! I have been collecting embroidery hoops to do just this-you'd think I was so excited to find them that they would already be made-nope!! Maybe I will be so inspired by yours to get busy!!


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