Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pie & Paint Swatches

Sugar, salt, cinnamon, cloves & ginger. Can you guess what I made yesterday? Here's another very important clue...
I made pumpkin pie!! I have been craving this yummy dessert & just HAD to make it. And this might sound strange, but I have NEVER made pumpkin pie before! It was very soupy & weird & I had no idea how it would set up. But, it eventually baked to perfection.

I took this pie to a movie/munchies night with some ladies. We watched Arsenic & Old Lace, starring Cary Grant. I'm not a total fan of old movies (this one was released in 1944), but it was a great movie! Perfect for Halloween too.

My friend Tia & I went on a super-paint-swatch-snaggin' hunt earlier this week. Our kidlets wanted to make those paint swatch notebooks. Look at my adorable little crafty class!

I've made a bunch of these notebooks & they'll be available for a buck at the Christmas bazaar! I'm also thinking of giving them as a "free gift with purchase" while supplies last. They turned out really cute & they're so fun to make. (Are you sick of hearing about these notebooks yet?)

Today I'm working on a tutorial to post tomorrow. To fill my crafty fuel tank, guess what I had for breakfast?

Happy Weekend!


  1. Pumpkin pie is my 2nd favorite breakfast in the whole wide world. Half a slice of pecan pie and half a slice of pumpkin is my first fave. Oh, let's be honest. I want a full piece of both. With ice cream. For breakfast.
    Love love love the freckles. That's what we're famous for in our family!

  2. mmmmmm.....pumpkin pie....cue drooling.....


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