Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Random Game of Tag

I was recently tagged by Kara from Innocent Charms Chats, & Mimi & a couple other people, but I'm sorry to say I can't remember who. So, I'm hoping this tag can make up for ALL of them. K?


1. I was never "the pretty girl" but rather "the funny one" or better yet "the pretty girl's funny friend".

2. I can peel & slice an avocado most excellently. (And I LOVE to eat them.)

3. Since we're on the topic of food....I've never tried sushi. It sounds disgusting, I'm sure I'll throw up or gag if it touches my mouth, but I'm not saying I'll NEVER try it someday. I do, however, love eating California Rolls. Mr. WhiMSy love surprised me with an order of them the other day that we shared for lunch. Wasabi & soy sauce---yum.

4. I have pointy elbows. They're kind of curved & pointy. Not the most adorable part of me.

5. I can't wait for my 6-year old to be old enough to have an Easy Bake Oven--so I can play with it too.

6. If I order french fries at McDonald's I LOVE to dip them in their honey mustard sauce.

7. And with this next random bit I'm at risk of looking like a fool. But since when has that ever stopped me?

I had a wacky time with my hair the other night. I twisted little sections & held them in place with bobby pins. I think my mom used to do this as a teenager. But she'd sleep all night with hers in. (Someday I'll try that.) I guess these are a version of pin-curls, but mine were done a little more messy & haphazard.

I dried my hair while it was twisted. My girls got the best giggles from seeing their mommy like this. And my hubby even raised an eyebrow at my twist-up-do. (Not one of those "good" eyebrow raises either. But, instead, one that says, "My wife is nuts.")

But when it was all done, I couldn't help sayin', "How ya like me now? How ya like me now?"

I'm completely awful at tagging people in this game. So, if you're feeling random, go ahead & enjoy making a list of your very own!


  1. I've been entertained by your blog for a couple of months now; can't even recall now how I found you. But it has to be said that I can't help but be reminded of Phoebe Buffay when I stop by. You are hilarious!! Every girl should be so lucky to have a Whimsy Love kind of friend to laugh with...

    ...anyway, it just had to be said...

  2. Nikki girl, you crack me up! Love the updo, and after you dried it, well I'm sure Mr. Whimsy Love was diggin' that!

  3. Yay! We both played the game of tag! I love your hair. At first, I couldn't imagine you without your pigtails but it really looks. It's sophisticated sexy. Thanks for playing along.

  4. Well, I'm sure others will say the same as I. You *are* the pretty girl!

    Love the new hair.

    Oh, and the music on your blog rocks! :)

  5. I love your hair like that!!! I so remember pin curls. My daughter is in cosmetology school and she said they've done them there too!


  6. The results of your hair experiment are great! But you know, before you even took your hair down, your were very mid/late-90's chic. I am pretty sure I did that with my hair when it was short enough and wore it to school, and I saw it on TV and in magazines. Your post gave me teenage flashbacks!!

  7. I totally love your Facts and not pretty what planet are you on your gorgeous.
    I would love to have an easy bake oven too so I totally understand that.
    I am loving the hair it look awesome, here in the UK its called ragging, cause we use to tie them like that with rags and leave them over night.

  8. I just had to say (for whatever its worth) that you ARE the pretty one AND the funny one... so how do they like you now ??!!

    melissa, coral springs, fl

  9. You "guys" (as they say in the NW) are too, too sweet!


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