Monday, October 13, 2008

Skamania Getaway!

I'm warning you, & just being honest. This might be a super boring post, but I had to share about our spontaneous getaway. Mr. WhiMSy love's mom called & was planning on driving up to see us after a road trip with her hubby to the Oregon Coast & Portland. But on their way up, they found Skamania Lodge & talked us into coming for the weekend. It was unexpected & SUPER nice to get away! How do you like my lunch? Gardetto's & a Fruit Pie. We were in a massive hurry. We literally tossed our clothes & things in a suitcase, stopped by the gas station for some gas--& a quick bite to eat.
I don't make the best driving buddy. 12 minutes after taking this photo I was asleep. I can't handle car trips. They make me tired. Even just driving to the mall makes me want to fall asleep.
This is some scenery on our way down. A train was passing through. Look at the beautiful river! In the background you can see really large wind turbines. I always think they look so massive & kind of creepy. Alien-like. There are a quite a few wind farms around here. And, basically, they produce energy--without pollution.
To get to our destination, we had to cross The Bridge of the Gods. A toll bridge. We didn't have any cash on us to pay the dollar fee & we told the guy we'd get him on the way back (which we did) so the toll dude was like, "Well, I'll take your word, I'll take your word." Read about the legend of the Bridge of the Gods HERE.
Funny thing, I didn't get a picture of the actual lodge, but I did get a picture of the sign!
Our first order of business was to visit a nearby museum--The Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center. I'm just going to tell it straight. I am not a total museum chik. I did find an activity that Mr. WhiMSy love & I had fun with while the girls ran around the museum--petroglyph rubbings. Look at my cute little owlie!! We got to take them home & I'll probably hang them to remind us of our fun trip.
Mr. WhiMSy love is on a petroglyph rampage! He did more than I!
I thought this was totally interesting. Click on this picture of "Rules for Teachers, 1872" to enlarge & read it. I love rule #4.
There was also a really odd (to me) collection at the museum. The world's LARGEST collection of rosaries. Over 4000, to be exact. There were tons of them hanging in glass cases. The collection itself was not odd--they were quite beautiful, but it is a funny thing to collect (said the girl who used to save tags from clothes & put them in shoeboxes.)
Mr. WhiMSy love will probably be struck with lightning any time now for this photo.
On our trip we also got to visit 2 of the 5 waterfalls along the historic Columbia River Highway. Here Scott & I pose for a cheesy self portrait at Horsetail Falls.
And, was I drunk on hot cocoa or what? This pic is totally crooked & who is that random man on the right? Who knows. This is the only photo I got of Multnomah Falls--the 2nd tallest year round waterfall in the U.S. It was very beautiful. And very cold. Mr. WhiMSy love took our 6 year old up to that teensy tiny bridge you see in the picture. I was way too scared.
Here are some of the plants & flowers I saw around the property of the lodge...

Oh yeah, our 6 year old was told that Bigfoot might be around, so we tried to simulate Bigfoot. Our attempts failed miserably. Although, my 6'4" hunky hubby tried his best.
But look! We did spot some tracks. Alright. It was me. I made the fake Bigfoot tracks.
The last night there we had dinner at a super duper yummy place called The Crab Shack. I had the Dungeness crab cakes & garlic mashed potatoes. Mmmmmm. We ate so good the WHOLE trip.
Aw, look at the happy little family. Yay for spontaneous trips!


  1. Multnomah Falls is one of my favorite places. So pretty. Glad you had fun.

  2. hi whimsy love ~ you're on the fly jaunt sounds fantabulous! just wanted to share thoughts! also, SUPER cool bigfoot footprint! cheers!! ;)

  3. Far from a boring post. I liked it and the pictures are great. :)

  4. Hi Nikki ~ what a wonderful getaway! The pictures are awesome. I think we went to Multnomah Falls, but I can't just looked a little familiar!

    Glad you had a fun time!


  5. Hey...
    lemme know more of that lodge plzz...
    I love doing 'weekend-trip' which means Washington-Oregon-Idaho-Montana thingy, girrl...

    Verry much...


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