Monday, October 20, 2008

Stuff on a Monday

A couple nights ago I was in my art studio, sketching away on my new holiday card design, sipping a hot chai latte, munching on pumpkin pie &.......watching Project Runway!!!! I have been doing SUPER without television, but I thought I'd treat myself to the final 3 episodes on my computer. Here's a peek at a work in progress... I've been painting away with my watercolors & am happy with how it's turning out. A couple more kinks to work out & then it'll be ready for printing! Remember: the big reveal for my annual holiday card & ornament will be Nov. 1st!!

I just heard my girls upstairs playing. They are pretending to be "Red Riding Hood" & "The Big Bad Wolf". So, my 4 year old (who seems to be playing the part of Red Riding Hood from what I can hear), "knocks" on the door to grandma's house--where The Big Bad Wolf (played by her 6 year old sis) is hiding out. The wolf answers the knock with a high-pitched, part granny/part wolf voice, asking: "You wanna piece of meeeeeee????" HAHAHAHA! Is this what "no T.V." has turned them into? If I get gangster-style nursery rhyme productions.....then bring it on!!!! That's awesome.

Just thought I'd stop by for a quick hello! I'm off to prepare my house for a load of lovely people this evening. 13 to be exact!! (In my WEE house too!) Every Monday--starting today--I'll be cooking din-din for a group of guys that belong to a local Teen Challenge center + my family + other friends. And my Etsy shop is fully helping to fund the dinners!! I'm SO excited! Just a casual evening of hanging out, eating yummy food & chillin'. We're having a potato bar. I'm sure there'll be pics in following posts! Those guys won't know what hit 'em when I pull out my camera for a close-up of their potatoes!! HAHA!

Happy Monday!


  1. Yay for gangsta tales, that is so funny! ;O) I love the sweet little peppermint dude that's peeking out to say hello too. Whooo hooo for new crafty goodness! Have fun with the tatters.

  2. Hey- having a cupcake week on my blog....come take a peak! good luck with the dinner party. fun stuff.

  3. I hope you have a great night with your potato bar dinner!

    You've been tagged! If you want to play along and get some promos for your site, please visit me at

  4. yum, potato bar! Have a great time!

  5. "You wanna piece of meeeeeee????" That's hilarious!

  6. Project Runway online? How??? That's the show I've missed the most since getting rid of cable.

  7. I thought you were cool already, but now you're on the super-duper cool list. It's so awesome that you're doing dinner for the T.C. guys. I worked for the women's center of Lansing Teen Challenge for 8 months in '05 and '06. That ministry holds a dear place in my heart. I've been away from your blog for a bit (last post I read was about the paint sample notebooks-picked some samples up just today, in fact.) I saw the pic of the guy with the potato and assumed it was your husband (wasn't surprised because you seem like a girl who very well could be married to a guy with tats like that), but now I realize it may have been one of the T.C. guys. Thanks again for offering your home and family time to those guys. If they're anything like the men and women I've worked with, I'm sure they appreciate it more than they'll ever say. Enjoy your time and know that this is one blog reader who would enjoy knowing how the rest of your Monday meals go.


  8. Hi Carrie!
    It's been a while girl!! Glad you stopped back by!
    Nope, the tatted dude is not my hubby, but I totally love tats--although my man has none. He talks about getting some, so maybe someday....
    You are so sweet to say all those things. I LOVE having the guys over & they say "thank you" over & over. They are very appreciative--even when I burn stuff. I can't wait until it gets so big that I have to go somewhere BIGGER to cook! Right on!


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