Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Super Easy Fabric Pumpkin (no sew!) Tutorial

This might just be the most easy & quick tutorial I've ever done. I got the idea from a fellow MOPS mom (Mothers of PreSchoolers) at the MOPS convention I recently returned from in Dallas. Thanks Kaci!

I gathered an assortment of appropriate autumn-colored vintage fabrics from some of my favorite vintage shopping spots. (No, this is not my fabric collection. But I'm well on my way.)

I came up with these beauties.

You'll also need to gather some thick twigs or small chubby sticks...

...& cut some leaves. These are from the grapevines we have growing out back. You could also use artificial leaves.

Here are ALL the supplies you'll need: fabric, toilet paper roll, grocery shopping or garbage bags, leaves, sticks, & scissors. (If you don't have shopping bags, you can use towels, rags, or those random missing socks from the laundry!)

The first thing you'll need to do is cut your fabric. I cut this orange fabric to 27" x 27". It is quite thick fabric, so I recommend using lightweight stuff. For the samll multi-colored pumpkin (you'll see later on in the post) I only had fabric that measured 20" x 20". It was a tight squeeze, but it worked.

Lay your fabric out on a flat surface & plunk your t.p. roll right in the center. (I use the cheapo stuff.)

Place bags all around your toilet paper roll. The more you stuff, the bigger & puffier your pumpkin will be. Who doesn't want a puffy pumpkin?

Now, grab a corner of fabric & stuff it right into the center of the toilet paper tube.

You'll gather small bits of fabric & continue to stuff them into the tube...

...until it looks like this. Now, shove the stick & leaf into the tube. This will help keep everything together. You're done!

Make a bunch of these up in coordinating colors & decorate for Fall!

I don't recommend keeping them outdoors though. This photo was just for fun!

I have been so giddy to have many, many more blog views lately. Some of my latest tutorials have been featured on Rachel's blog, One Pretty Thing. She has the coolest site. She gathers loads of tutorials from all over the www & shares them on her blog. You click & craft, it's that simple! Visit often because she posts, like, every day. So thanks, Rachel, for noticing my DIY crafty goodies!

I also found out yesterday that my Paint Chip Notebook Tutorial has been featured on CRAFT magazines craft blog! I love that place! And again, I'm giddy!

Won't you all squeal with me? Wheeeeeeeee!!!

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    It's a squeeee! kind of week.

    Those pumpkins are great!

  2. Whooo hooo!!!!!! Yay for being famous with your crafty self. See Mik was right, you are a celebrity!

  3. This is so cute! I can't believe I didn't go to the craft session at convention!! I think it was the same time as the Coordinator one:-(

    Can you think of a way to make these smaller? Maybe a used paper towel roll cut in short pieces then put stuffing around that? Trying to think of a way to use less fabric to save money with my group.

    Congrats on getting featured everywhere. How fun! I'll be linking to you from my site too.

  4. Hi Amy! from Texas!
    You could probably do the same thing with just paper towel or t.p. roll tubes cut to any size you want. I might have to try it out.....

  5. Those are such cute pupkins! Love how you made them - and so easy to store for next year! *lol*

  6. super cool...i think i'll make some with my kiddos but i'll have to find something other than plastic bags...i don't have any!
    thanks for the great tute!

  7. my four yearl old was readin this post from my lap and just from the pictures said "jey, that looks easy- can we make one?" I guess we will be -thanks for the craft!

  8. Aww, thanks so much for the mention! I just LOVE linking to you, you have the most fun projects! This pumpkin is really cute too, I'll be linking to it! =)

  9. I love those pumpkins! What a great idea, I love no sew projects because I can't sew =)

  10. We made these a few years back at MOPS and even my most non-crafty girls were pleased with their project and still talk about it! I also thought to make some with a roll of paper towels so as to have a little varying height in my display.

  11. That is just too cute! What a neat idea...thanks for the tutorial!

    Have a great day!

  12. Hi Nikki,

    where IS that VINTAGE FABRIC store you mentioned here?? Wow... I SO MUST GO there...

    I love the pumpkin ideas!!

  13. how cool and easy is that now

  14. im going to go make those pumpkins tonight! Im glad its no sew!! Thanks

  15. I made a little pumpkin with just an empty toilet paper roll and some stuffing around it. It turned out cute! We'll do that for our MOPS group next week. When they are little we can each make more than one:-)

  16. This is so easy, quick and simple! Thanks!

  17. Those pumpkins are so dang clever! I am in awe! I am so going home and doing that with my kiddo.

  18. Oh--I keep reading and there I am! Thanks for the shout-out and I'm glad you made those pumpkins--they really are great! We couldn't top those this year, but we did make some cute votives wrapped in cornhusks and tied with ribbon, leaves, and fall colored berries. I'm going to go buy some buttons and kick myself for throwing out an enormous stack of paint swatches!!! --Kaci

  19. Hey, NIkki
    I loved your pumpkin idea so much (as well as my resulting pumpkins) that I threw a Pumpkin Party! EVERYONE had a blast-there are pictures on my blog! Thought maybe you'd want to check them out. Thanks again for the idea!

    Jenna Kellso
    ( www.kellsocollage.com)

  20. I saw a very similar tutorial somewhere else but it was much more complicated - you explained it much better! I can't wait to try it.

    This is the 3rd comment I've left in an hour so I'll stop blog stalking now! LOL ;)

  21. I TOTALLY love these. I featured these at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com

  22. I love these so much I've made a bunch for myself and I'll also be doing them at our MOPS meeting this month. I'll be linking to your how to from my how to as well. Thanks so much!

  23. I just can't stop looking through your blog after discovering it recently. From one post to another, just jumping off the links, squealing all the way - with no time for comments. Thanks for everything!

    About these pumpkins, the smaller ones are looking much better. Probably because of the huge amount of stuffing needed to make the larger ones rotund. We don't have halloween, but little apples would look great for a tiny party using stiff paper made into rolls. Cute, eh?

  24. Love these, going to save your idea for my preschool class! They will love it:) Thanks!

  25. A friend on Facebook posted this (from I think it is a parenting website) & the "no sewing" caught my eye, since....well...I can't sew. What a cute, creative & easy project! Thanks for sharing!


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