Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Break to Shop!

Yesterday I went on an all day shopping spree with 13 other ladies to Spokane. About 4 hours round-trip. And I was SO right in my predictions about this trip----totally laughed more than shopped.
But my early morning started out in a bit of a panic. I put my hair in pincurls & slept on them the night before my trip. When I woke up, I took out the pins & freaked out! I was a white girl with an afro!! Not such a hot look on me. So, needless to say I tamed the beast with some water & tried living with it.
Tia & I were shopping chums this day. Self portraits abounded. And I think I totally weirded out half the ladies in our group with all my picture taking. Tia & I tried on a bunch of hats, saw Santa Clause, bought some super cute handmade gifties (I'll show ya another day), people watched (we each chose our favorite person in the whole mall), giggled almost non-stop, shared a plate of Chinese food for lunch, ....... sipped like maniacs on berry smoothies (mine tasted better).....
...& ate the world's hugest freakin' onion ring. I didn't know if I should eat it or call for back-up. We tried to put a penny in the photo so you could see the monstrous size of this veggie beast, but that didn't really help either. And now all I have is a greasy penny bouncin' around the bottom of my purse.
We did take a break from our 7 hour shopping day to do some reading at Barnes & Noble. This book I'm reading is FANTASTIC! It's called Pinkalicious. Highly recommended.

And Tia found some time for a bit of serious study on the topic of....napkin folding.

Weird photo alert. I loved how my brown plaid owlie purse looked against the brown of the bathroom stall. See, I can appreciate beauty in the most germiest of places.

Oh yeah---in the bathroom was a vending machine thingie full of medicines. Except most of them were sold out. What's a girl with an onion-ring headache supposed to do?

At the restaurant we ate at, which was appropriately named "The Onion", there was a neon sign sending patrons on their way after a tasty meal. "Toodles"!!! This, by the way, is my new favorite word.
I'll be working ALL DAY today on finishing up my owlies for the shop update tomorrow at 10am PST. Please stop by & get your owlie ornament as there may not be any more made before the Christmas season!
Have a Happy Sunday!


  1. Looks like a fun day! Last weds. I posted pics of my girls reading pinkalicious and purplicious- we have & love those books! Oh, and a pic of the paint sample notebooks I whipped up from your tute were in that post too. Thanks for all of the fun ideas. :)

  2. Looks like a fun day! I love your owlie purse. That is one huge onion ring!

  3. You are too funny. You crack me up with all of your photos! And yes, that is one giant onion ring!

  4. I cannot wait to get pinkalicious from the library and read it to my daughter!
    Looks like you guys had lots of fun! I just love the medicine vending machines and the fact they were all out. lol hilarious!

  5. All I can say about that giant onion ring is, MMMMMMM! Onion rings are a big hit at our house.

    Love the photos and love the books! Folding napkins is always fun for special occasions when family and friends come for supper. :)

    Your purse is too cute!

  6. Love your purse! I was also doing some shopping today only mine was online. :) Here's something that reminded me of your Christmas cards
    There is also really cute cupcake and other goodies wrapping paper! Check it out, really cute site.
    Love -Kaylee May

  7. you are so fun! i would love to hang out with you sometime! i love onion rings too lol. great post. you HAVE been a busy girl!


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