Sunday, November 9, 2008

Felt Dessert Picks Tutorial

I recently saw some felt cupcake picks in a magazine. Unfortunately I can't remember which magazine it was. They were of the Halloween theme & the magazine suggested using them as party favors/pencil toppers after use as cupcake picks for a party. I thought that was an EXCELLENTLY clever idea. I'm all about useful crafts with a 2-fer-1 design purpose! I put a twist on the cupcake toppers & my versions follow.

You'll need various colors of felt & thread, needle, glue (not pictured), scissors & picks for your cupcakes (I purchased skewers used for shisk-a-bobs, cut in half. Lollipop sticks would work great too!). Optional supplies: decorative scissors & sewing machine.

Here's a peek at what my family sometimes goes through with my crafty stuff spread all over the dining table. They still love me though.
Decide what design you'd like your picks to be. I decided on owls, acorns, mushrooms & cupcakes. Cut out templates from scrap paper or cardboard.
Trace your template onto the felt. You'll need 2 pieces of each design, for the front AND back of your dessert pick. You really only need to trace ONE---you can then fold over the felt & cut out two.
I found these really cool felt cupcake pieces at JoAnne's. They were on clearance too!--A pack of 10 (2 of each color) for 25cents! All I had to do was cut out a bottom cupcake "liner" in an appropriate size.
To make the cupcakes, I created a decorative stitch with my sewing machine, to connect the bottom piece to the top piece. This can also be done by hand, or by gluing. (As an option, all of the picks shown in this tutorial can be done with the simple gluing method.)
And then, by hand, I stitched all around the "frosting" part with a matching color of thread & then the bottom part in a matching color. Remember to leave an opening wide enough at the bottom to fit the cupcake pick AND/OR a pencil.
Put the two bottom pieces back-to-back & hand stitch (or glue!) them along the edge. Once again, remember to leave an opening at the bottom.

Then, sandwich the two top pieces of the acorn on top of the bottom part. Machine stitch using a straight stitch & just rotate the fabric as the stitches zig back & forth, creating the cross-hatch style pattern. That's it!

Hand stitch each side separately--the wings, the beak & the eyes--onto the body. Then, place the pieces back-to-back & stitch all along the edge.
I didn't have any cupcakes lying around, so I had to improvise with some Sunday morning donuts. The owlie, I think, is my favorite.

Make sure your white "bottom" pieces are a little smaller then the red mushroom caps that will be placed on top. That way, when you stitch (or glue!) around the edge it won't be very bulky & the white won't show through on the sides.
Glue the mushroom caps on.
Handstitch along the edge where the white part meets the red part.
Sandwich the pieces together & sew along the edge.
Glue on white dots cut out from felt.

The owl, acorn & mushroom make for a great woodland themed party. Oooh, picture them on German chocolate frosted cupcakes. MMMmmm....
The owl & acorn would also be special decorations for your Thanksgiving desserts!

I also thought these would make fun teachers gifts as pencil toppers---or sweet little presents for school mates.


  1. You're awesome, Girl! I've been reading for a while, thought it was about time to say hello "in person." I love your style and sweetness. You inspire me...and you have great taste in music, too.
    Blessings and Thanks,

  2. This is so cute! I can't wait to try out the little owls and shroomys!

  3. Very sweet :) i love how your family just eats around your projects!

  4. amazing, of course. I am constantly amazed at how incredibly creative you are. Keep up the good work, and good luck at your upcoming craft show.

  5. Awesome!! I totally bought felt this morning at JoAnn's "just in case" I could think of something fun to do with it. I giggled when I saw your post. Tah dah, something fun and I didn't even have to think!!!!!

  6. Oh my gosh these are SOO cute! I thin the owl is my favorite. I'll be linking.

  7. So darling. I swear I need 198 hours in a day so I can try all these ideas!

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  9. LOVE THESE! Just looking at them make you happy.

  10. wow wow wow.. wonder idea!
    so lovely

  11. What a cute tutorial. I might have to make a few of these for myself this weekend!

  12. My first time here and, wow! My daughter just asked me to make some fun felt ornaments as gift tags for Christmas..Voila! There you and your cute tutorial are! Thank You! They are so cute! Well Done!

  13. I love your blog so much!!!!

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  15. I love these! Thanks for the wonderful idea!! I'm sharing your tut on my blog today =)

  16. SCORE! I found the cupcakes just like yours for clearance- $0.10 a pack! Yipee- I am totally making some for favors for my daughters birthday party...psst- she is stnading next to me right now dancing to your blog music! she just said "I like this song!" lol she is three

  17. hello, first i would like to say i love your music, specialy the counting crows, secondly, i wish i was as creative as you, YOU ROCK MY SOCKS!
    Haley (Harley Quinn)

  18. So cute! I'll be linking this afternoon...

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  20. Just found you through the Crafty Crow. Can't wait to try this!

  21. School starts for my kids this week and I am so glad to have a fresh idea to add to the back-to-school cones I make them- basically a goody bag with school type things. Love you ideas and blog!

  22. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for ideas for an owls/birds/trees themed birthday party, friendly for kids and mostly adults. I stumbled onto your page from another. (It didn't come up on any searches.) I am so happy to see this! This style is becoming more common, but not popular enough to be on plates or decorations. To find your ideas has helped me so so much! Thank you!!! I will be visiting your site more!

  23. i want to make these! they are just adorable!
    it is so much fun here at your site.

  24. hi..this is really lovely...
    Gonna make one for my own too..
    great photos, detailed tutorial..
    Great work! thx :)

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  26. I'm Vera from Brazil. You blog is lovely! So cute and I also love the ideas.

  27. Hi Nikki I just saw this adorable project via a blog from Budapest that linked to use both. I'm going to add it to the end of my crafty linking party (even though it's from a while ago....) because I just can't resist. Would love to see you there too! All the best, Sara

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    thank you so much,

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  33. These are just precious!

    I run Fun Family Crafts, a library of craft tutorials geared at kids of all ages. I would love it if you'd stop by and submit this to be featured! (I link to you, I don't post your tutorial on the site) Feel free to submit as many kid friendly craft tutorials as you like!

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  35. Hi :) I am creating a fall marketing piece for our family real estate company and came across the images in this post. I think they are absolutely adorable and would love permission to use them. I will of course credit you back! Please let me know...Thank you so much!


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