Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my parent's & grandmother's house. There were 18 total humans gathered--including kidlets. The food was so yummy. And my twice baked potatoes turned out really good. I didn't go all gourmet on 'em, but just added sour cream, butter, salt, pepper, parsley & garlic powder. They were tasty. My favorite Thanksgiving food item is always sweet potatoes though. Love 'em!
The kiddies even got to sip sparkling fruit cider from real wine glasses. They felt so special! I found a new favorite flavor too---blueberry. Yum!
Don't you remember doing this as a kid?
Pumpkin pies aplenty!
Oh yeah, & here's me all spiffy & ready to go.

Guess what I just finished doing? The tree is up! The decorations are scattered on every spare inch of blank space! YAY! It's officially Christmas time!
It's so fun to unpack the decorations. My girls really got into it this year. And I sat back (& took photos) while they plastered the tree (mostly in the mid-section) with all the ornaments. Christmas tunes in the background...the tea kettle whistling our attention for hot cocoa...the smell of a faux pink Christmas tree in the air....what a perfect day!

I love Christmas so much & I'm excited to finally get to say "Happy Holidays!!!!!" Hope you all are enjoying a relaxing weekend!


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