Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Almost Turkey Time!!

The kiddies are officially on Thanksgiving break! Wheeeee! Time for turkey fun! My 4 year old brought home this project from preschool today & I HAD to show it. I thought it would make for some perfect last-minute crafty Turkey Day fun.
Just simply stuff a lunch sized paper paper bag with wadded up newspaper, or cotton balls or dirty socks, etc. Fold back the top flap & staple down.
Cut out various shaped papers---stars for the feet, a heart for the belly, a triangle for the beak, a head, that little dangly thing under the beak, & as many feather shapes as you want.
Write these words on the belly: "I am thankful for..." & then on the feather shapes ask your child what they are thankful for & write them down. Glue on all the shapes in the appropriate anatomical turkey-ish way, slap on some googly eyes & you're done!
It'd be fun to have each member of the family take a couple 'feathers', write what they're thankful for & glue them all on together.
I also put together some gifties for my daughter's 2 teachers. I made 2 sets of the Felt Dessert Picks. But silly ole me forgot to put the actual wooden bamboo skewer/picks in with the package. Well, hopefully they get the idea.
And I'm totally into this 'sewing on paper' thing. I just can't stop!

I'm working my crafty booty off every day at gettin' stuff made for the Holiday Bazaar. A couple nights ago I worked on fork easels. They're made, labeled, priced & ready to go. The day after I made them, my hand was aching so awful! Ah, the price I pay for the love of handmade...

I just got more supplies today to finish making LOTS MORE vintage button rings. Last night I started on them & they are so cute! They just look like little pieces of candy to me. So sweet. This weekend I'll have to give you a peek & also let you see the adorable boxes they're packaged in! Hopefully I'll get some in the shop for the BUY-ONE-GET-ONE-HALF-OFF sale at WhiMSy love starting the day after Thanksgiving!
I'll be hangin' with the fam tomorrow. Eating lots, playing card games, munching yummy pies, sipping tea & gabbing with the female cohorts of my family while the male figures slouch on the couch & watch football.
Happy Thanksgiving my blog friends! Have a wonderful holiday!


  1. When do you sleep?!??

    I love how creative you are right down to the tiniest detail of everything you make.

    And a sale? I'm there!

  2. i did some sewing on paper to make some business huh? they are a little addictive...well, alot.
    anywho...have a great thanksgiving!

  3. Hey you..
    got my package today..
    Thankyou..luvin' 'em...
    Just wanted to wish you and you sweet family "Happy Thanksgiving 2008"!!

  4. Hey, pop over to oneprettything to enter the contest if you haven't already, and have a great Thanksgiving!


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