Friday, November 21, 2008

A little Break...VERY little...

I haven't made cards in a while, but I just got finished with a custom order & was SO excited with how they turned out! I've had these key/lock stickers for a long time & decided to use the last of them up. I've machine-stitched around the edges of both the vintage 1920's newspaper & new polka-dotted paper.
Children's books have been one of my favorite inspirations for cards. Here, I've gathered winter scenes from a 1969 children's dictionary & glitter-fied some snowy patches. Both sets soon for sale at Bella Colle!
Check it out! I've been featured! Take a peek at the Rose Works Jewelry blog. Please spread some WhiMSy-type love & leave a comment!
Ok, the owlies are calling me. I'm seriously gonna have a party when those little guys are done. And it's NOT gonna be an "owl" party. Though I had a lovely & quick break to make some cards, I'm swimming back to owlie island now. They're adorable & all, but they're driving me bonkers.
I also just realized the deadline for my Blogger Ornament Exchange is up tomorrow!! I know EXACTLY what ornament I'm makin'....


  1. lol- an owl, perhaps?

    Those cards are cute- I'm off to check out that sight.

  2. i have a thing for keys, just love old keys and odd shaped keys so just LOVE your cards :D

  3. The key cards are totally cool. The look is so fresh, yet retro. Good job!

  4. Well, this is the 1st time I see your handmade stuff. Allow me to tell you how cute and lovely they are!!

    Get used to me. I wil be popping in every now and then ;D

  5. Wahoo!
    They turned out wonderful!! hehe...
    Thank you!


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