Sunday, November 23, 2008

Luggage Tag Tutorial

I learned of the idea of this project from one of my MOPS buddies Julie. (**Hi Jules!!**) This luggage tag would make a GREAT quick holiday gift for the traveler in your family. You can even take this basic concept & make awesome fabric gift tags.

Supplies: The supply list seems long for such a small crafty project, but don't let that intimidate you. You know I only do simple, easy & fabulous tutes! First on the list is to gather different fabrics &/or felts. You'll also need a plain light-colored fabric for the "I.D." part of the tag. I've just recycled an old flour sack for that part.

You'll also need scissors, (optional: decorative zig-zag scissors), iron-on adhesive, an iron, embroidery threads, needles, grommets & a grommet setting tool

Another optional item is some transfer paper.

The first thing you'll do is cut the front piece of fabric for your tag AND a piece of iron-on adhesive a hair-bit smaller. Iron these together following the directions on the package.

The next step I didn't photograph very well. You'll want to decorate the front of your tag now. I cut out some pieces of felt in the shape of hearts & sewed the green & yellow heart together. Then, I stitched them onto the front piece of fabric with a simple running stitch using orange thread.
Once that is done, you'll want to lay this piece aside & work on your back fabric piece. I took a piece of green felt to use as my back piece. Take a piece of your plain light-colored fabric, cut just a little bit smaller than the back fabric piece & stitch it on in a haphazard way to the felt.
Now you'll want to sandwich your front & back pieces together & iron them -once again following the directions that came with your iron-on adhesive. I laid a piece of fabric over my design before ironing so I wouldn't scorch or ruin the felt heart design.

Use your decorative scissors to trim the tag to desired size.

Now for the grommets! Once you learn how to use a grommet you're going to want to do this technique on EVERYTHING! Make a small hole at the top of your tag. There are two parts of the grommets: One part is just a flat disc--kinda shaped like a flattened donut---sometimes referred to as the "female" piece, & the other grommet has a part stickin' out--sometimes referred to as the "male" piece. Put the "male" part of the eyelet/grommet into the hole you just made, through the top of the fabric.

Turn the tag over & slide the donut shaped piece onto the part sticking up. (Rounded part up.)

The grommet kit also comes with a little heavy circular piece. Rest the front part of the grommet (the "male" piece) into the grooves of this heavy circular piece. Gosh, I hope this doesn't sound too confusing.

On a hard surface, position the grommet tool into the back of the hole...
...& hold it with one hand while hammering with the other.
This is what it looks like on the back.
This is what it looks like on the front. A nice tight squeeze!
In the blank area where the light-colored fabric was sewn, you can use a permanent marker, like a Sharpie, to enter your name, address & other info. OR, you can print out the same information on some transfer paper through your computer. Remember to print it backwards (mirror image).

Iron it on.

And you're done!!
I used some plastic cording stuff that I recycled from an older luggage tag---but you can also use those rubber/plastic bracelets that are really bendable & flexible that look exactly like my cording piece.
Give a personalized gift this holiday season! A set for a family would be super sweet! (You can leave them blank for everyone to fill out themselves if you want.)

You can also make this project without sewing. And you can decorate your luggage tag in a bajillion different ways. Have fun gettin' all creative-like! Rock on with yer crafty self!


  1. gettin' pretty fancy with the tools there!

  2. Fantastic tute!
    I've never heard of grommets (only eyelets) and I might have to investigate as they look much more sturdy than the eyelets I use on my PE bags.
    I love the picture of the woman ironing away on her *immaculate* desk. I bet if you pan to the right, there is a huge pile of fabrics and ribbons and scissors 'cus that's how normal women sew, right?
    There is an alternative to transfer paper - fabric you can print on. In the UK you can find it here (they ship to the US) :
    Keep the tutes coming! (I would like to know how to make an easy-peasy needle booklet/case if you have any ideas?)

  3. oh i needed a great idea like that one .


  4. Oh great Nikki, now I totally NEED a grommet maker tool thingie. Thanks for the tute! It gave me a super fantastic idea that involves a map of Africa!

  5. Oh yeah, I totally forgot to mention that the grommet tool thingie & the little grommets came from the hardware store & only cost about 4 or 5 dollars!

  6. Ooooo! I've been mentioned in a blog. Your luggage tags are WAY cuter than mine. I guess that is the difference between functional and crafty. You are crafty! ~Julie

  7. Wow those are great, perfect way to easily identify your luggage. Now if only I could find somewhere to go :)

  8. These are adorable, I love them! I'll be linking.

  9. So cute! I love your tutorials!!!

  10. So cute! I am sure you will be using one on your bags to Nashville next year, right?!

  11. Purrrfect IDEA for ME:)) hehehe... (Nikki, this is a good idea if you're thinking something for me as Christmas gift hihihi...)

    Grrreatt job, gurrll...
    Hey, which craft bazaar you are going to be (or were)??


  12. Excellent tutorial, looks like fun and a great gift! Thanks : )

  13. I found your blog looking for a luggage tag tutorial and am SO glad I did!! We have VERY similar music tastes and I just found a bunch of new artists that I didn't know about before! :) So THANK YOU!!

    Have a great day!

  14. I was looking for some luggage tag blanks and found your blog. Excellent tutorial...thank you very much indeed!!


  15. Thanks so much for this tutorial, very informative and necessary for any traveler who wants to add a little uniqueness to their luggage.


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