Friday, November 14, 2008

Owlie Winner!

I went old-school & wrote down all the names of the giveaway participants on a piece of paper. Truth is, I couldn't figure out how to do the number generator thingie I see on a lot of blogs that have giveaways like this.
First I put all the tiny slips of paper in a really cool vintage pitcher I have. Then, I realized that the neck of that thing was so skinny that I couldn't get my hand inside. HAHA! Plan B materialized....
Here I am, shaking the names while owlie looks on. May the best owlie lover win.....AND THE WINNER IS................

Oh my gosh! I have been making the MOST awesome grilled cheese sandwiches lately with this awesome bread someone gave us. I don't even know where they got it. It is thin & crispy & toasts up like a dream. I love the smell of toast.
So, when I make MY grilled cheese sandwiches I butter both sides of the bread.

Throw those buttery bad boys on the skillet & listen to them sizzle.
I flip the bread over once it's toasty. Yep--I toast BOTH sides. I set the cheese on top while the last side is toastin' up. In the meantime, get a pot of tomato soup ready on the stove....
What a perfect lunch. Or dinner. Or snack. I love my soup with a dollop of sour cream & sprinkled with pepper.

Alright! Alright! (haha!) AND THE WINNER IS......mel of My Own Place! Congrats mel & hooty-hoot to you! Please email me your addy & I'll send the owlie your way! Thanks for playing everyone!
And don't forget! If you'd like to purchase an owlie ornament---check out my Owlie Shop Update on Monday at 10am PST!!! The shop will be stocked with owl ornies!!! (Look for a few new designs & colors too!!)
Hey, I thought since everyone shared their favorite ornament I'd share mine. Like most of you, I have fondness for ALL of my ornaments. But one that I really like is one that my mom was going to throw out several years ago. I snatched it up before it headed for the trash. It is beat up & falling apart. It's a disco ball shaped like a mushroom. It doesn't have a specific memory attached to it, but it is just funny & every year my family got a giggle when we unpacked it & hung it on the tree.


  1. Congratulations Mel! Those grilled cheese sandwiches look grrrreat!

  2. yay for you mel, be sure to share pics of your owlie on your blog :D

  3. Mmmm grilled cheese sandwiches = love! I use crusty sourdough bread from the bakery and havarti cheese. They make me very happy.

  4. YES!!! I'm so excited!! Actually, right now I feel and look a lot like Princess Pudge picture above!!
    Thanks so much!

  5. I heart me some John Wheatland bread. Their bakery is in Walla Walla, ALL there stuff is amazing! If your ever in town, worth a stop!

  6. Love the owls and pencil cozies!


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