Thursday, November 6, 2008

Owlies & Twittering

The little owlies are already starting to fly out the WhiMSy love doors. I've been a bizzy little crafter makin' lots more for the holidays! I'm excited to bring them to the Christmas bazaar---which, honestly, I'm starting to freak out about! It's only 1 month away! I've no idea how much stuff I'll actually have made by then. I still have to make, like, a bajillion more things. I've not a clue how I'm acutally gonna set up my goodies on display either. I want my space to be cute. And whimsical. And lovely. Oh! I also have to create a "WhiMSy love" banner of some sort. I'm trying not to panic. There's so much to still do. (**Breathe in.......breathe out........Eat cookies.......Eat cupcakes........**)

I really think I will go into crafty hiding now. No visits. No social events. No leaving the house. Of course I'll blog. And craft. Blog & craft. That's it. Until the holidays are over at least.

Oh & I've been hearing & seeing a lot about Twitter. So, I joined. I copied this from an article in The Storque on Etsy's blog: What is Twitter describes itself as "a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: "What are you doing?" After creating an account, people can choose to follow other people's Twitter posts, viewing posts online or via a mobile phone. Twitter is about quick glimpses into you or your brand, as you have 140 characters to type or include interesting links for your Twitter followers to read and respond to.
Simple enough. So, add me as twitter follower !

Here's my Flickr photo today for 'Self Portrait Thursday':


  1. The owls are cuteT! I am loving your new hair BTW!!

  2. For display, what if you got some cool branches and spray painted them cool WhiMSical colors? You could put them in painted terra cotta pots filled with plaster of paris then hang your owlies from the branches?

  3. Tweet, tweet! I'm followin' you--where are we goin'? :)

  4. jennifer--I LOVE that idea! I'm on it...

  5. Yay for Twitter! I finally joined this past week. It's fun!
    Sending good crafting vibes your way. You'll get it all done! You must post pics of your display when you get it worked out. :)
    I'm off to follow you on Twitter!


  6. I'm loving your owls & your self portrait! I have my in-home boutique tomorrow, so if you want to talk freaking out, come & sit by me.


    I nominated you for the Arte Y Pico award! I love your work!

    Your stuff is so fun and inspiring. I love your unique style and fun personality! And of course I love that you are a fellow Washingtonian!

  8. Hi back to ya! ;) LOVE your blog! And I love those little owlies! I'm participating in a holiday bazaar for the first time in a few weeks...I'm nervous! I've really gotta beef up my stock but I have no idea how much to take, how to display it all...AAHHH!! I'm trying not to worry about it. I'm adding you to my blogroll :)

  9. LOVE your blog! And I love those little owlies! n_n And the music awwww is just too sweet!

  10. Glad to hear that the owls are fly out the doors!
    Twitter is great and I will go click on your page now!

  11. merci pour toutes les jolies choses de votre blog

    many thanks !!!!


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