Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday...what a day...

All I wanted to do this morning was have a nice little visit with my sis over a cup of pumpkin flavored something-or-other & then casually arrive home to finish packaging orders & mail them in a leisurely pace at the post office. We did have a relaxing time at my favorite local coffee shop. Yes, here's yet ANOTHER foot shot at Espresso World. Different shoes though. Anyway, my plans started off nicely.

This is what happened next: Car dies while driving home on a busy little street. Poo. But a nice stranger-man helped us push the car in a safe place & wouldn't ya know it--we left our cell phones at home. So, nice stranger-man helped us out again, after telling us a story about his grandma being stranded in the middle of nowhere, in the olden days, & then being rescued by a bunch of hippies with guns.Our original plan for rescue failed, so we had to run across the street for a payphone. I had to borrow a quarter from a waitress to use the payphone. How pathetic was that? I was so ill-prepared for this day. I did remember to bring my camera though!!! Do you know how many people stare at you when you're trying to take a picture with a payphone? Lots. Eventually the tow truck came.
The tow truck driver, funny enough, knows my sister by name & has become quite familiar with her jalopy car. Nice guy. I wanted to take a self portrait with all 3 of us---but I didn't want to weird him out too much. Why is it that the mechanic's family always has crappy cars?

But now the post office is closed & I can't mail my packages until Monday. Double poo.

On a happy productive note, guess who FINALLY finished all the owlies?!?!?! Some of these already have homes & the rest are being reserved for a certain approaching Holiday Bazaar.

Here's my latest, greatest, & newest owlie accessory: personalized tags! A customer asked me to make some for her 2 boys & I came up with these tags. I LOVE how they turned out, so I made one each for my girls. Their names are on the front & the year is on the back. Adorable or what?!
Because most of my 'Saturday Nikki Time' was spent with car troubles, I decided to treat myself to a stop at my favorite antique spot for some vintage treasures. I purchased a big bunch of belt buckles. I decorated some holiday packages last year with similar buckles, but now that it seems to be all the rage (or at least I'm seeing this idea everywhere), I grabbed LOTS more. This is how I'm planning on wrapping my gifts this year.
Here's a peek at my Blogger Ornament Exchange package wrapped up & ready to be sent. Brown & black toile paper tied off with vintage grey trim & a navy blue vintage buckle. It's not very holiday-ish, but it's still super cute!

Tomorrow in the late afternoon I'll have a tutorial ready for ya. It's something that'll be perfect for those traveling this holiday season!!


  1. HOLY WOWOZER... THAT'S A LOT OF OWLIES! Great work! And sorry to hear about the car troubles!


    Sylvia C.

  2. Ahh, c'est la vie. I believe that we have days like these to remind us that we're only human. :)

  3. Love the tags and the buckle idea.
    Are you sick of the sight of owls yet?
    Hope the car gets better soon :o)

  4. you somehow manage to make car trouble interesting and citch!!!

  5. Wow! That's a whole lot of Owlies! Car trouble stinks.

  6. Fun Owlies!! I've got mine perched on a tree I have all year round in my studio. I believe he likes it there!

  7. I really love that wrapping paper.


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